Customer Testimonials

We love to hear what our customers have to say. The more you tell us, the better we can do for you. We always welcome your comments.

Thank you, she absolutely loved the whole presentation. I really appreciate it.   Dave N
Thank you. What a wonderful arrangement. My wife was sooo happy   Jim A
"Received a beautiful mixed bouquet from my daughter in Maine last Friday. The flowers are just as fresh and beautiful today as they were when delivered.  You do a fantastic job! I sent her pictures of  them. She was pleased.   Helen F
Thank you so much for your service.  Sandra called to say how beautiful the basket was and how happy it made her feel.  Thanks again, truly recommend you all the time.  You never disappoint. Fondly,   Ellen
Thank you! Perfect ! And the balloons matched her logo!   Mari M
I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the most BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL FABULOUS Bouquet of flowers that I ordered for my daughter Denise for her birthday.
As always  from the moment I called on the phone about the flowers and delivery of the flowers was a FANTASTIC experience. Carl please relay this message to your staff that they did a wonderful job.
My daughter was so surprise and please with the arrangement.
Thank you so very much everyone at City Line Florist !!!!!!!   Rosemary A
Thank you for taking care of this sympathy spray for me in such a short notice. Really appreciate your help   Maria
Thank you as always great job!   Daniel K
I just want to let you know that she got them…
And she was breathless…she said that they were absolutely beautiful!
Thank you!   Lynn B
Much thanks.  I understand the arrangement is beautiful   Laura K
My daughter in law loved the flowers. she sent a picture. they are beautiful. Good job. Thank you so much     Cathy R
Just received a picture of the flowers you delivered to Mr. & Mrs F. C  They are lovely....thank you for a job so well done   Joyce M
Thank you. Evelyn loved the flowers.   Alice M
Excellent, thanks for letting me know and for your service. I was impressed with how easy it was to arrange the order on your website, once I determined that “login” was place to start. Thanks again,
    Rita M
Hello City-line Florist
I want to thank you on the beautiful and unique arrangement you made for Mrs. Antoni. By listening to how important she is to my family and your creativity it was just what was needed to brighten her day. She absolutely loves it.
I don't use social media or I would write a review. I will recommend your florist at any opportunity I get.
Thank you     Patty D
Once again thank you.  My aunt called and said the flowers are beautiful.  You can never go wrong when you use CITY LINE.  Thanks Carl.!   Sandy S
Thank you the arrangement was beautiful   Nancy C
As always the flowers were beautiful – thank you!   Patricia D
You guys did an awesome job today!  The follow up by phone, delivery in the back under the porch, and the note on the mailbox were all very nice touches!!  My mom actually only had positive things to say, which is rarely ever the case.  I have you saved as my no 1 choice for flowers to my mom!  Thank you!     Kenneth W
I just want to let you know that she got them…
And she was breathless…she said that they were absolutely beautiful!
Thank you!   Lynn B
Thank you as always great job!     Daniel K
Flower delivery received-Beautiful Easter Lillies
Thanks   Carole K
Thank you!!!! You guys did an amazing job!!! My friend loved the arrangement!!     Sandra S
Thank you Karl, they loved the arrangement, you are good people to deal with   Steven M
Many thanks for the prompt service and courtesies... Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! It was a pleasure talking to Nicole. It is so refreshing to talk to someone so effervescent. Regards   Sheryl S
Hi yes thanks and she have many compliments to Delivery gentleman
  Maureen G
Perfect, thanks again!   Denise P
Thank You So Much!  The Gourmet/Fruit Basket Was Beautiful.     Donna B
Great job.  Thank you so much.   Karen B
Danielle was cheered by the flower arrangement and the toy .
Once again , you have been wonderful.
Thank you,   Diane D
Just to thank you - she said they were beautiful!!   Mary I
Thanks,she got them and was thrilled,well done   Drew
Thank you so much.  I'm sure she will enjoy the colorful arrangement   Jayne
"Hi, just wanted to let you know that we ordered a boutonniere and wrist corsage for my son's junior dance over the weekend, and the flowers were absolutely lovely!  They complimented the tuxedo and the gown perfectly and they were so fresh and fragrant.  Thank you so much, will definitely be stopping in for future occasions."       Kathy H
Dear City Line Florist,
The flowers were stunning and made such an impact. Thank you so much for such a wonderful job!   Mary T
Many THANKS to the staff at the City Line Florist
As always you have done a marvelous job with the flowers that
I order for my nephew
Thanks Carl for having a wonderful staff Thanks Again
  Rosemary A
Thank you Karl, they loved the arrangement, you are good people to deal with.     Steve M
Thank  you so much for the delivery confirmation, and your promptness....I appreciate Leona's special assistance also...   Etta
They look wonderful,Thank you   Brian
Thank you very much.  The flowers were lovely and very much appreciated by the family. Bonnie B
Thx Carl, the Poinsettias are gorgeous and the delivery people were wonderful.  Thx so much!     Terry D
The flowers looked great.
Thanks again for your assistance.
Best-   Bob O
Thank you, arrangements beautiful!   Mary C
Candie: thank you for the great service, an Deb sent us a picture beautiful ??   Richard B
"Good Morning: Just want to say that I heard on WICC what you did the other day.
Even though I was not a recipient of your generosity, I could not help
but be touched by your kindness for giving out two bouquets of flowers
(one for the person to keep and one to give away) around the towns.  
Just another reason to add to being a loyal customer."
Dear Carl and friends, My sister just sent me a photo of
the bouquet that arrived today.
Very lovely--she was so pleased.
Thanks so much-
    Nancy K
Thank you so much!  You did a beautiful basket!
  Judi and Victor C
Thank you so much, My mother loved the flower arrangement.
Beth loved the flowers.  She sent me a picture. They were beautiful I shall return. Thank you .   Sue D
Thank you for making such a beautiful flower arrangement and gift basket. My sister sent me a picture and they were gorgeous. Thanks again.   Debbie K
Thank you very much, I’m know Kristine is going to love it.   Cathy S
The variety of the flowers is really lovely . Even snapdraggons , delicate roses, thanks.
  Gail R , Norwalk
Thank you...the client already called telling us how beautiful the flowers were so a big thank you to you!     Marianne D
Thanks. My mom loved it. Great job as usual!   Jim C
Thank you!!!!  Had a pleasure working with you guys!!!!  Thanks.       Frank L
We got so many compliments on the flowers.  Thanks again.   Janet M
The urn wreath and roses were really beautiful and special for my grandma. Thank you so much.   Hannah V
Hola Edwin!! Muchas Gracias!!.. Si cree que llegue el Miercoles en horas de la mañana?!! Muchas Gracias anticipadas!!     Alba C
Thank you so much, the arrangement was beautiful!     Debra T
I want to say thanks. I was told by several family members that the flowers I sent were beautiful . It is obvious that I made the right choice when I searched on line for a flower shop. As a fellow business owner. Even though my business is in Florida. It is nice to know that there are people out there that appreciate your hard work. I know that the flower arrangement must have been very nice for people to call from out of state to complement it. Thank again for all you did for me!
    Greg G
Thank you for very rapid and professional service. God bless u
  Richard B
Thank you!!!! Sally H
Roses look “PERFECT”!

Very high quality and smell wonderful

Thank you, JOB well done!
    Vincent C
Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement. .What I couldn't say in words the flowers said it all!   Melissa S
Thank you so much, for your prompt service. It is notable and appreciated.     Charmaine L
Thank You from the bottom of my heart
There isn't any other florist I would trust   Mary-Sue B
Thank you. They loved the flowers and sent a photo.   Karen W
Thank did a beautiful job!   Nancy Y
 thank you! The arrangement was gorgeous! Barbara L
I just would like to let you people know how happy I am that I chose you guys to handle my delivery of balloons and flowers for my daughter . I'm not sure who I spoke with on the phone but very courteous friendly and professional and the delivery was very quick keep up the good work and thank you so much Jeff S
Thank you they're perfect! Very nice and stunning   Bruce B
Thank you Carl for your great service with this order. Scott B
The flowers just arrived! They are gorgeous! Thanks so much. Robin
Yes! I had asked what time they would be delivered and understandably you were not able to confirm. I said the earlier the better. When I called there at 9:45 am they had already been delivered! Perfect! They said they are absolutely beautiful! I saw a picture and agree. Thank you for the fabulous service and product. Val
Just wanted to let you know the cross arrangement was beautiful. Thank you so much. Will never use another florist. Thanks again, Elaine C
By the way she said it was fabulous! Thank you, JM
Just want to say the flower arrangements beautiful! My friend showed me. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job! :) Grace S
Hi Cityline Florist, I've shopped with you in the past and look forward to working with you again in the future. My wife and I always enjoy the flower arrangements you put together for us for special occasions. Nick P
Nicely done! You have my business, all the best, Tom K
Thank you so much. I was very happy with the flowers. They were beautiful. Chris S
The flowers delivered to Marisa's on Saturday, 12th were spectacular . We received compliments as well as inquires as to where I had ordered the arrangements. You more than reached my expectations. Thank you so much for "babysitting" my order. Thanks so much. MaryAnn G
I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with the arrangement! It looked beautiful. Thank you so much!!! Chris
Great Job - Thank you !! Thanks, ~ Cliff
I want to thank you for making my brother's wreath so beautiful. He was a truly wonderful man and your wreath helped us demonstrate how much he meant to us. He had several hundred people at his service and many people commented on how lovely his wreath looked. Thanks again Ruth K
Thank you for taking care of this today. I really appreciate your help. Sue M
Carl, Thank you so much for working with me yesterday - the roses were beautiful! Thank you for getting them there on time - I know I called you only two hours prior and I really appreciated it. Rita M
Dear Leona and Candy, Thank you for the Beautiful flowers for Colleen and Marco's wedding. The wreaths for the reception were absolutely stunning and Colleen and Marco's reception table flowers were amazing. They both loved them and said they were Absolutely perfect. For me; my favorite part of the planning after going wedding gown shopping with my daughter was shopping for flowers. Our appointments were so much fun. We are so grateful for all your hard work. Best Regards Patricia K
Thank you Carl! The flowers were beautiful. Michelle
Great service!!!!!! Thank you so much. Maryann G
Just wanted to give you some feedback - The family that these flowers were sent to were very pleased. They forwarded a photo to me and what a great arrangement. I will use your services again!! Thank you Mary P
Thank you so much! You guys are the best!!! :) Melania F
Thanks for your help on guys are the best! JT
Thanks! Have a nice day. Walter
Carl, this email is to inform you of how much my daughter Jodi appreciated and loves her 40th birthday basket. Thank you so much for taking so much time with me. I look forward to doing business with you in the future, thanks again. Talma R. A
I wanted to let you know Betty was most pleased w/ the flowers and their quality. She took the arrangement over with her when she visited Rich, which he liked, then brought it home. Thanks so much for helping us make her Mothers' Day special! It's hard from up here in Maine -- Betsy A
The flowers are gorgeous! Good job Monica L
The flowers were lovely! Thank you! Candace M
I must tell you what a beautiful job you did with the flowers for my Husbands service. It brought tears of joy to see. Every one Commented how lovely they were and all wanted to know where i got them From. I was proud to tell them city line florist, many did not even Know you exisited and some did not know what a beautiful job you could Go. I'm sure you will gain many new followers. Thank you so very much For always being perfect and never letting me down Sincerely, Carole R
Thanks so much! Alison
Yes the flowers are beautiful thank you Debbie L
I have received the flowers and thank you for them. They are beautiful. Martha S
Thank you. They are beautiful. She loved them Susan M
Thank you The family commented that the flowers were absolutely beautiful! The joy your arrangements bring at such a difficult time is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Having a florist to rise above the occasion is one less concern in life! Warm wishes, Camille B
Thank-you so very much. That is terrific of you to do! I appreciate it and will be back next month for my sister's birthday arrangement!! Happy Easter!! David C
Thank you for the delivery confirmation Alison S
As always thanks for your good service. Cheryl
Thank you for your services and for the beautiful arrangement. Have a beautiful day, Anne Marie C
Thank-you, you made her day. Tom R
The arrangement was beautiful-great job! Thanks Alice L
I was told the flowers were beautiful, the wine selection was also great. Thank you again, Barbara C
Thank you so much! She loves it ! You guys are the Best florist ever! Sue C
Thanks so much! Laurie was delighted by the delivery. Thank you, Donna S
"The flowers that were delivered on Friday are just gorgeous - fresh and beautiful. Thank you City Line!" Nancy L
Thank you for the beautiful arrangement that was sent, it exceeded my expectations. Cheryl Z
Thank you-they sent a picture to me and they look beautiful. Sharon P
I'm calling to say that the delivery was made, it was beautiful and thank you very much for your phone call and thank you very much for the flowers. Have a Happy Holiday Rita S
Thanks! She loved them! Steve B
Thank you Carl! Great job done on the flowers for Homecoming. Have a great weekend, Colleen P
Thank you... for a marvelous job on all the flowers. Candy, esp., you did everything I so wanted. The centerpieces were sooooo pretty. Loved the hot pink callas. I am still enjoying a centerpiece here in my kitchen...all looking fresh 6 days later. This picture is of our granddaughter, 6, flower girl, holding Mary Beth's bridal bouquet. I really think it is a perfect picture! We will highly recommend your shop for all floral needs. Thank you all. Sincerely, Sherry, mother of the bride, Mary Beth
Many thanks! Andy W
The arrangement was beautiful. Thank you so much. Deb L
Dear City Line, Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the custom NY baseball arrangement that I ordered from your shop. It was much more than I expected. The pearlized push pins in the center of each flower were a beautiful touch. I believe Nicole took my order by phone. She was so nice and helpful during the process of ordering. Thank you for your quick and beautiful work. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Debra L. McG
Thank you! Karen W
Thank you they were beautiful Simon K
Perfect! Thank you so much! Sandra G
Many thanks. I saw a pic and the arrangement looked wonderful Kristine C
Thank you so much. This is the first time I have used City Line (you are close to my wife's new place of employment) and I am very satisfied with your customer service....and my wife LOVES the arrangement. I will definitely be back again. Thanks!!! Chris
Hi City Line! Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and EXCEPTIONAL service!!! My parents were very excited to share the story of how a bouquet of flowers were delivered but they were just in lieu of the real ones coming on Monday (ie. how much City Line goes out of their way at taking care of their customers!) Not to mention how excited they were to receive not one but two bouquet for their anniversary (and extending the celebration by 2 days!) Thank you!! Cheers, Ellen
I just wanted to thank City Line and the person who helped us with our flower order last Thursday, August 7th. The order was for A. N's passing. We asked for bright and that is exactly what we received. The flower arrangements were gorgeous, fresh and high quality. The Gerber Daisies and Lilies looked fantastic. Everyone complimented on them at the wake. Thank you so very much! The N. Family
Thank you very much! Diane B
Thank you Carl, the flower arrangement is absolutely beautiful! Karen W
Thank you. Mr D. emailed me to say how beautiful the flowers are. Regards Maggie
Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement that was received so promptly and happily by our recipient! We received a picture of the arrangement and it was exactly what we hoped for and we are greatly appreciative of your wonderful service! Thank you!! Justine L
Thanks a million. Gail was delighted with the flowers and you got them to her as promised just terrific Maryann M
Thanks so much for making sure Morgan got her flowers for her birthday. It meant a lot to her and to me. I'm not sure I will have much need for a florist in Connecticut as I live in Rhode Island, lol, but will certainly remember you if the need arises. Thanks again. Denise A
Just want you to know the flowers were exquisite and looked exactly like the picture on your website . Thank you very much. Gloria J
Thanks so much for the confirmation email - I heard from the recipient and she was so happy - Thanks! Will make sure to use you again when the opportunity arises and let other people know what a great experience I had with you! Mildred L
City Florist, You all are AMAZING!! Thank will be my first call whenever I need flowers! Carrie S
They are perfect,,,thank you!!!! Patrick S
THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!! Regards, Mildred
Thank you the flowers were beautiful ! Joan S
Thank you so much for this and for your friendly and efficient service! Phyllis M
Dear Carl and Staff, Thank you for helping us with the beautiful plants for our Mother's Day Luncheon. You gave us great advice and the flowering plants were perfect and served as beautiful table decorations as well as take home gifts for our dedicated and hard working St Vincent's Special Needs mothers. you were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to collaborating again in the future. Great job! Donna
Thank you for all your help and the great plant. I was there when it was delivered and it was lovely. Robin M
Thank you. MaryLynn is very happy with the plants. She sent me a picture. They look nice. Mary Ellen G
Thank you for the confirmation. I just wanted to say thank you for delivering the arrangement so fast and for the help choosing the arrangement. The flowers were beautiful and the family was extremely pleased. We will definitely use your company in the future. Kim C
It was nice speaking with you today. Thanks so much for your help. Susan K
The patient says the flowers are lovely. Thank you, Mary
Thank you all, again a great example of terrific customer service. Super work. Best, Chuck
She loved the flowers. I hear they are beautiful. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Barbara McC
They loved the arrangement, thanks ! Bill O
Thank you ! Anthony
I called you guys at 3:45 on the day of the wake and you delivered a beautiful arrangement in just under one hour from the call. Truly, I am amazed. Thanks so much for your extremely gracious and professional service. I'm not sure how far you deliver, I work in Norwalk and live in Stratford, but this level of service puts you as my first call for future floral needs. Thanks again!! Nick
Thank you so much, I received a note saying the flowers are beautiful. Patti C
It was nice speaking with you today. Thanks so much for your help Susan K
Thank you for the confirmation. I just wanted to say thank you for delivering the arrangement so fast and for the help choosing the arrangement. The flowers were beautiful and the family was extremely pleased. We will definitely use your company in the future. Kim C
He loved the yellow roses! Thank you so much!! Mary Ellen
"Hi just wanted to let you know about a beautiful basket of flowers my Mom received yesterday. I have been doing business with your florist for many many years and this is by far the most beautiful floral arrangement I have ever seen. It was sent to my mom in a nursing home from my Cousin Joanna It went to Mrs P in St Joseph's Manor I was going to take a picture of it to show you and the rest of your customers the excellent work, Kudos to that employee.." Donna S
Once again you guys did a great job for Valentines Day. I am so sorry I can't remember who made my wife's arrangement , but she deserves a gold medal. It's Feb. 24, and the flowers still look like the day I bought them home. I'm sorry that everyone at Cityline greets me by name when I walk thru your shop, but I don't know their names. You guys are number #1 in the flower business, thank you all, Bob 'Loz' Lozanov
Thank you so much for arranging such beautiful flowers.!!!!!!. .Thank you so much for your help, Iona! Say hello to Sue for me! With love,,Jeannie
Hi everyone . I just want to let you know that I ordered 3 sets of flowers for Jayne and each one was just beautiful . I can't tell you all how happy my family was from our 2 and our parishioners as well . Thank you so much . Wishing you all happy days . Anna S
Thank you - flowers were beautiful Tony R
I wanted to thank you ALL for a job well done with the arrangement delivered on time today. Your team did a great job, from taking the order to the delivery on icy road and front steps, the flowers are fresh and beautifull and the " Happy Valentine " ballon was well worth it. Thank you, Vincent V
THANK YOU! Great Job, as usual. Susan M
Thanks so much! Marisa I
"I ordered the Puppy Love basket for my girlfriend yesterday. She absolutely loved it! Would something like that be available in the future for any occasion?" (yes) Patrick S
You people are the best I am so please with all the orders you have sent out for me I get many good results from everyone I sent stuff to so thank you for great great service. Victoria D
Just a note to thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement for Gene Sanislo's family. We were really so happy to see them and know that you put so much care into your choice of flowers. Scott, Mary and Kathy Sanislo were very touched. Sincerely, Margaret and Larry C
I really want to thank you very much for the service i get from your florist. I used to have a different company that I always went to but then they hired some people who were rude and did not treat people right so I left them went to you and it was and is the best thing I have done so many of my friends call to thank me for the way you do things so i want to thank you for the great service I get from you and all the employees. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate all you do Victoria D
Thank you for handling the order request so professionally and thorough! The recipient loved the arrangement, especially the red, white and blue theme ( which was your suggestion)! Regards, Jennifer R
Thank you for the confirmation - always great doing business with you Ben P
What a nice touch to send out this confirmation email. Thank you! Debbie
Hi StAFF, My sister was totally impressed with your flowers. Thanks a Bunch, Norman B
Thank you. She was thrilled with the Happy Face Mug! Susan M
To all at City Line, a huge thank you from 'across the pond'! I ordered flowers for my dearest friend of 45 years, to commemorate her Mom's birthday Jan 6th. I didn't expect you would be able to make the delivery on the day as the weather was so bad. I had an email Jan 6th late evening (U.K. time) to say a lovely arrangement had just been delivered. You are amazing! I found you quite by chance several years ago when my friend's Mom passed and I wanted to send a floral tribute. I was not disappointed then nor have I been since. The quality and choice of your catalogue is wonderful and your efficiency fantastic. Again, a heartfelt thank you ,and a Happy New Year to you all. Margo B
Thank you Carl. She loves the arrangement. Have a wonderful holiday. Anne
Bob loved the arrangement! It was unique and special. Thanks so much for your help. Donna
My mother was very pleased with the flowers you delivered, she thought they were lovely and smelled great. Thank you. Donald M
Dear City Line Staff, I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of this last minute order for us! As I said when I called in, this was the recipients last chemo treatment, which is certainly something to celebrate! The fact that you not only took this order on last minute, but delivered a truly beautiful arrangement during a very small window of time is exceptional! From the second my call was answered to the time the flowers were delivered we were treated with the best service we could have asked for. Being in a service based business ourselves, it is so refreshing to see another business treat their customers in such a fantastic way. We can't thank you enough for helping us celebrate this very special occasion! Sincerely, Lauren F
Thank you so much for your help with this order. Not sure who I talked to on the phone. It was a woman. She was so nice and so helpful!! Thank you again! Lori T
The arrangement was beautiful! Thank you. Marianne
Thank you from Napa Valley, Ca. Dee S
Thank you. She said they were gorgeous! Debra G
Pat LOVES the flowers. We always order from you, she says your flowers are lovely. Thank you! Wendy L
In addition to this email, I received a follow-up phone call to be sure my mom received the flowers, since the driver had to leave the flowers on her front porch -- after all, it WAS a 'get well...' :) The flowers were gorgeous and she couldn't stop thanking me (or, um.... Molly, her great-granddaughter who sent the flowers) Just another reason why I always recommend you to everyone I know in the area. We've used you for years and will continue ! Warm regards, Pam H
Good Afternoon - Just a quick note to say the flowers you sent to my Uncle's funeral in New York arrived on time and were beautiful. Thank you City Line Florist, you did a great job. - John W
We at St Joseph High want to express our appreciation for City Line's support throughout the year, and especially during our fall enrollment campaign. Good neighbors, good friends! Best to all, Dr Fitz--
thank you to everyone at City line for the beautiful work you did on my daughters wedding. The bouquets and centerpieces were beautiful and we received so many compliments. Andrea S
Nancy was very pleased with the orchids. Thank you. Sally A
Thanks so much. I received an email last night from Arlene thanking us for the "gorgeous" flowers. Thanks again! Barb P
"Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement. It was on time and beautiful !! I told all my friends about you!! Thank you again the flowers were beautiful !!" Ilene G
Thank u ! u guys are the best as always Anthony L
Thank you so much for your very good service. You always do such a wonderful job! Sincerely, Cammy K
Thank You so much - greatly appreciated! Michael M
Thank You Carl! Janice W
Yes was on phone w/ client at delivery...thanks it is perfect Liz
Thank you so much for doing the flowers for my father funeral yesterday. They were beautiful. Claudia K
Thank you very much!! Joseph Z
City Line, I just wanted to tell you that my sister-in-law received the beautiful flowers. They were really beautiful, and she loved them! Thank you for helping us cheer up her hospital experience in CT all the way from Texas! God Bless. Lori
Just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful arrangement of flowers I had sent to my wife for our anniversary on May 30. I stated in my order that I have had a lot of bad luck with flower deliveries and City Line came through for me in a big way. Thank you once again and I won't hesitate to use City Line in the future. Joe
A huge thank you to Leona and everyone at City Line.. Heather's wedding flowers were absolutely beautiful .. The Bride could not have been happier. Her face when she saw her bouquet was priceless. It was perfect !!! Thanks again Leona for helping to make it a perfect day!! You're the best !! John C
Good Morning, I would like to personally thank you again for your donation of flowers to the Nursing staff at VA Connecticut Healthcare Systems. The Nursing teams were over whelmed with your generous support and kindness in recognizing their dedication to Veterans during Nurses Week 2013. Sincerely, Bonnie H
I received your Mother's Day bouquet the day before Mother's Day and it is as beautiful today as when I received it. My daughter, who sent this to me, is in Texas and this arrangement is a joyful reminder of her. She ordered from you because she remembered I always raved about the flowers I would receive from my boyfriend who buys only from City Line. I thank Candy for making my bouquet. PS - I used to work in the industry and your flowers are of superb quality! Sincerely, Helen
and she was extreamly plesed - thank you I will be calling back soon! George H
Thank you sooooo much for the coupon! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :) Laura C
Thank You Sue Respectfully, Frank O
Thank you SO VERY MUCH! She was very touched and said they are just beautiful! Debby O
The recipient tells me the arrangement was gorgeous. Thanks for a nice job. Steve L
The family said the flowers were lovely, thank you. pat
Your customer service is top notch. Nice to see. I will be stopping in soon as my daughter is getting married next year. Thank you again," Joy F
Thank You Rich
Yes thank you, these are beautiful!!! Ken
We want to simply thank you for both accepting our short notice Easter delivery order, and, by our Mom's response to your arrangement, again thank you for the joy you brought into her home for Easter. Very well done, which is why we return to you again, and again Enjoy the balance of your spring season, Sincerely, Mary and Rick Gulas
Thank you so much..the arrangement was perfect !! Steven T
Thank you! The arrangements looked lovely. Pauline P
Carl, I just wanted to say thank you again. I will send a picture of the arrangement that was sent to the funeral home. AMAZING JOB once again! Thanks so very very much Julia K
I have used City Line Florist about a dozen times now and I will continue to do so. On Valentine's Day I called and asked for a change to my order. I needed to change the delivery address. I called at 8am and the flowers were delivered by 9am! I was very impressed with the customer service and I will certainly continue to use City Line! I wish I had gotten the employees name because she was very helpful and patient. Thank you again for providing such a great service! Patrick S
"Hello City Line! I recieved a dozen of the most beautiful rosses for my birthday (2/6) from my husband. You told him they were the BEST---and they are!! Today I went on the computer and checked my 'Lucky Stems' code. I was a winner !! :) :) Kit F
The arrangements were beautiful, once again Cityline does a great job! Thank you Maggie H
Thank You !!! perch
The flowers were perfect! Thank you! Brenda
Thank you so much. You are always the professionals. Tom M
Dear Roehrich Family, I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate what you have done for the Connecticut Fallen Heroes Foundation over the years. You are always so nice to me, everyone, whenever I come in and need something done for the families who lost loved ones in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and all the other past wars. You truly are the best. God bless you all. Warmest regards Mike Mastroni
Thank You! Dorothy M.
Thank you very much for all of your help. Have a great weekend. Chris L
I enjoy doing business with all of you and I've been a customer for a "bit" Peter
Thank you. She is very happy. Happy Thanksgiving! Pat F
Thank you for taking care of this. Debbie
Thank you, Paul J S
My Aunt called me and said the flowers were beautiful! Thank you!!! Merry Christmas! :-) Linda M
Thank you all for your services. Happy Holidays Gary L
Thanks again for this. For the family, if they ask who had sent this, please tell the cemetery that GE Fairfield has sent them. I don't know if the family knows all our names. Thanks, Susan
Just wanted to thank you for taking the extra step to call my sister when the out- of- town florist dropped the ball. I greatly appreciate it, and it is one of the reasons why I have been a loyal customer for so many years. Susan M
In his book, "The Strategic Treasurer", Craig Jeffrey said " Over the years, I have had many managers who have taught, challenged and put up with me. I am grateful and appreciative for all they have done. Bob and Carl Roehrich taught and modeled much about the value of hard work, logistics, and general business sense." Craig Jeffery
Thanks for the speedy delivery! I just got a call from John and his wife and he loves the flowers! Martha S
Thank you for your outstanding Customer Service! Have a great day! Connie
Dear CityLine, The arrangement was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Many, many thanks- Laura
The arrangement was excellent,thanks. John T
Dears folks at City Line, The dish garden was so beautiful! Everyone remarked about it. Thank you very much. Dorothy H
Thank you very much! Valzie P
Thank you very much. Wendy G
I just wanted to thank the Artist who made the arrangements for my mom, they were absolutely gorgeous! My family and friends were all very impressed with your work, and we will definitely use your services again! Thank You!!! CHARLES KALAGIAN
I attended the service this morning and the arrangement you created was absolutely beautiful. Thanks very much, Regina Richards GE
Thank you for your outstanding Customer Service! Have a great day! Connie
I just wanted to say that the flowers you sent to my dad's wake today looked great. I have been using City Line since I was a teenager and you have always done a wonderful job. Thanks, Jim
Thank you, she loved the arrangement! Evelyn F
Thank you for you speedy service, greatly appreciated. Will definitely use you services again if there's a need. Grace Hernandez
We just want to take a moment to thank everyone who assisted in creating the beautiful sympathy basket and spray for the funeral of our friend Ed Pollack. Our unique and last minute requests for "Merrimack College Colors" of blue, yellow and white were met with kindness, professionalism and confidence that they would be fulfilled. You did not disappoint and helped us to provide truly meaningful tributes that Ed's family appreciated and most certainly Ed would have loved. In addition, our lengthy words of condolence were handwritten in a more personal fashion; something we typically do not see today.We just can't thank you enough for assisting us during this painful and trying time. Sincerely, The Frey Family and the Entire Merrimack Men's Lac
They were beautiful! Marie D
I would like to personally thank your company for the beautiful flowers delivered to the nurses at VA Connecticut Healthcare system. The nurses were touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you again. Bonnie Haupt
We recently received the most beautiful flora bouquet arrangements for Nurse's Week. The flower arrangements were disbursed to all the nursing units where they were enjoyed by all. Seeing the beautiful flowers that smelled so good made our work day go good. Thanks City Line florist!!! VA Nurses!!
Thank you, excellent service! John R
I just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful job you did with my order !! They were very happy with the arraignment !! Brian T Baldwin
"Hi Carl- I have been meaning to write and thank you for the beautiful floral re-delivery to my Aunt. If you will recall, I ordered the alstromeria topiary to be delivered to May Cortese on her birthday, 2/13. The local florist delivered something totally different and not nearly as nice. My Aunt recently wrote to tell me another arrangement was delivered and she is delighted. Thank you so very much - you rock! Gwen Bruno
Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. We can always depend on City Line to service our floral needs. Saint Vincent's College
Thank you. The flowers were beautiful! Diane L
Thank you for getting the plants for me, they look great! Kim
Confirmed. Beautiful arrangement. Thank you. C E S
Thank you I just spoke with her, she said they are lovely. Thank you Susan
Thank you again for your help Carl! Kirsten WebMD
Thanks so much!!!! ADDIE W
Just wanted to let you know that the twin bouquets I ordered for my wife's memorial service last Saturday at the Mullins Funeral Home were superb. They greatly enhanced the dignity of the occasion and received numerous compliments from those in attendance. (I gave them to my two daughters-in-law afterward.) Edward B
Thank you! The nurse said my sister really smiled when they arrived, and that they are very beautiful. They are doing exactly what we hoped for. Thank you for spending so much time designing the basket of plants and flowers to reflect my imagination. Thank you for sending this confirmation. Mary Kay
Thank you ...Flowers to China also arrived safely .....thank you .... Happy Valentine's Day Ben F. Porco
The flowers are here and as usual they are beautiful. Thank you John Collins
Thank you very much. She loved it! Dennis
Thankyou so much my MOM was so pleased with flowers and candy.She said the flowers were so beautiful CECILE ROSS
Just wanted to Thank you everyone for the special care that went into my parent's anniversary flowers. Lots of rave reviews! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for making their special day extra special. Bless you all, Susan Gibson
I would just like to say thank you for delivering the flowers early in the day!!! It made my daughter's day. She said they are beautiful !!! That made me happy too Joan Santiago
Great job thank you !! Jeff Donaldson
Thank you! - As an out of state customer, I appreciate the confirmation. STANISLAVA MICHALIK
Dear Carl and Sue, Thank you so much for the beautiful flower for Uncle Pete ( Peter Rogowski) they were just what I wanted. And they made a sad day just a little better. Again thank you so much for again a great and wonderful job. Sincerely Rick and Debbie R and family.
Thanks so much City Line made our day extra special...Happy Holidays to all! Love ya, oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Joy and all of the Franklin School Super Second Gr
Thank you, for another beautiful arrangement. Janice called and she said it's gorgeous. Happy Holidays!! Helen D
I really appreciate the service and the extra effort you went to Kathleen O
Thanks friends for the beautiful cross of meant so much to the are truly the BEST! Wishing all the City Line Friends a Happy, Healthy New Year! Thanks again! Love ya, Joy
Thank you so very much for your quick turnaround. Susan K
Thank you for the beautiful poinsetta plant you sent on my behalf to the funeral parlor last week. Happy New Year! Michele R
City Line Florist staff, Awesome flowers. These are the best quality roses that I've ever purchased. It's very apparent that you guys go the extra mile to please the customer. My wife is very happy. Thanks, Doug Musante
dear Carl Many thanks for your help. I appreciate to have comprehensive people as we are so far and we cannot do anything for our famiily in such case... best regards Romanina D
Thank you, they are beautiful. Mary B
Thank you. The gift basket arrangement was beautiful. Very happy with it. Linda B
I saw the flowers, BEAUTIFUL, Thanks again MIGDALIA
Thank you. They were lovely and my cousin was able to take them home and enjoy the bouquet. Mary Ann
CITY LINE FLORIST IS THE BEST!!! Thank you Catherine Logan-DeLieto
Thank you for your email re. the delivery. My sister called to say thank you and she said the flower arrangement was by far the most beautiful she has ever received. Thank you so much! Theresa V
Thank you. Steve
The flowers arrived and the roses are beautiful. Thank you John C
I just wanted to thank you and let you know that the arrangement you sent was beautiful. I was not there to see for myself but several people told me it was the nicest one there. Thank you again for your great service. Ellen H
Thank you so much! Please tell Deb that she did a fantastic job!!! The arrangements are gorgeous!!! Best, Sarah R
Thank you so much Carl for taking care of my order with lightning fast speed to ensure that our arrangement would get to Abriola Parkview funeral home today in time for the viewing. I sincerely appreciate your kindness. Respectfully, Nelle L
flowers for funeral were unbelievable. exactly what I wanted. fresh, on time. The poodle in the basket was awesome. Truly exceeded expectations. so happy I chose you for the flowers. Thank you so much. Merna C
Thank you so very much for the beautiful arrangement that was sent to my Mom. Your shop carefully listened to my requests for the order and delivered! Thank you again for your careful attention to my order. Lynn Marie L
Thank you! You always do an exceptional job and I am very grateful. Have a good weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. Sincerely, Mary Ann Cirino
Thank you! I heard from my family that the flowers are lovely! Happy Easter to you all at City Line. Carolyn O
Absolutely perfect in every way. Thanks so much!! I'll be using you again for sure. Joshua B
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. My aunt received the flowers and said they were "beautiful" and "exquisite." As always, the order was perfect. Thanks, Mary C
Thank you so much, they were very happy with their flowers.
Thank you. Our friends thought the flowers were lovely- gentle and comforting. Just what I'd hoped. M ary Ann M
City Line is the only florist we use, whether it be for a pick up order, local deliveries, or long distance orders. Every year since 1993, City Line has made a beautiful arrangement that I bring to the Gate of Heaven cemetery in trumbull, remembering my deceased daughter's birthday. We love you and would NEVER go anywhere else!!! Tammy C
They have arrived and they are beautiful. Helen C
Dear City Line Florist, I wanted to let you know the funeral basket was beautiful- thank you for your kindness, God bless you Geraldine D
Thank you & the floral basket was so beautiful. I wish we had ordered all the funeral flowers from you, but the funeral was in Hamden, CT This was the nicest basket that I have seen. I will be ordering for other occasions. Best, Nancy
I was not home when you tried to deliver to me and you left my delivery with my neighbor. I was pleased that you went the extra mile to give outstanding customer service when you left a tag on my door and called me to make sure I received my delivery. Thank you Geraldine
First, my family and I want to thank you for the beautiful arrangements that were made for my dad's wake and funeral. We entered our lucky petals number 102795 and won a 20.00 gift certificate to Vazzy's Kathy S
Carl, Thank you -- I will make sure he knows about how helpful you have been. And you can bet that if he wants me to order any more flowers for him, I'll be coming back to you! All the best, Jan
Thank you for the clarification and your continuing great service over the years. Jeanne Maloney
Thank you! The Eagle Village staff called to say they loved it....beautiful and delicious. Valzie
Thanks so much for getting the flowers delivered on a Sunday. They were absolutely beautiful......... Happy Holidays, Linda Diasio
Thank you for the delivery of flowers to my Uncle's funeral. They were lovely as always. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Sue Connors
Thank you and I hear she was very happy with the flowers.... Thank you Pauline Marquis
Thank you so much. It is always a pleasure doing business with you - you make it very easy for those of us who live out of the area. Chris S.
I received the delivery of the grave box today and thank you very much for your quality and great service and kindness. Happy Holidays to all Linda Diasio
Dear Carl and Sue.. Thank you so much for all the years. The flowers for my Mother in law was great.. Have a great Thanksgiving . Thanks again Debbie R
I can not thank you all enought for doing this for me on such a timely matter. The flowers were lovely she sent me a picture from her I phone. Have a lovely holiday. Judy
Thank you so much! Carol London UK
Thank you for the lovely flowers provided to our event. Everyone expressed delight on the colors and presentation. Lydia RYASAP Event Coordinator
Bob, Carl, Sue and Staff: We live in Indiana and were not able to attend my uncle John's funeral in Trumbull. I spoke to a cousin last night, and she informed me how very beautiful the basket of flowers were that we had ordered through Cityline Florist. Thank you very much for sending a special arrangement; it was greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Jean Robson Terre Haute, IN
Once again, my experience with City Line has been very satisfying. When I called today at 1:00 PM because I wanted to be sure that my flowers would be sent today to Lesko's by 3:00 PM, your staff went out of their way to be helpful. I was informed that if I negotiated my order online, they would begin the bouquet immediately and I could use some of my Petal Points as well as gaining more from the order - something that would not happen if I ordered by phone. And of course, the best part is that the flowers were MAGNIFICENT. I couldn't ask for more. THANKS once again for your pleasant and helpful service ... your hallmark, as well as beautiful flowers. Mary Jane
Thank you for your deliveries Monday and today. The flowers were beautiful at both funerals. Sherie Chickos
Cityline I was at the wake and funeral and the flowers were beautiful. Thank you so much. Helen and John Collins
My Daughter received her baskets and it is lovely. Thank you. Pamela D
To Cityline, Thank you so much for creating a beautiful basket for a recent wake. The glitter flowers were beautiful and the ribbon was perfect. I truly appreciate your excellent design work, your prompt delivery, and your kindness. Sincerely yours, Martha G
Just a note to say thank you for the amazing arrangements which graced my daughter's baby shower... Although she missed her shower due to premature delivery of our 1st grandchild, she has seen our photos of your creations and marvelled with all the rest of us, who saw 1st hand the beauty of your handiwork. Thank you all so very much. Nancy K (brand new g-ma!)
Thank you so much. My cousin called me and she just loves the arrangement. She was describing it to me and it sounded beautiful. Thanks again and hope to meet you at the Torch Light Parade, Old Saybrook !!! Lucille S
It is beautiful. Thank you so much. -The Community's Bank
Thank you. The pillow was beautiful. I will highly recommend you to my family and friends. Have a good day. c brown
Thank you - I hear the flowers were perfect! Thanks so much! Joan Trent
The flowers you sent were absolutely beautiful--thank you. Donna Ruskay
Dear Carl, Just a note to thank you for the beautiful arrangement that you made for my Granddaughter Vicky. She was so excited and commented that the doorman remarked about the arrangement. It's a pleasure knowing you are a reliable business! Sincerely Mrs Agnes Kodz
Thank you! I must pass along that "the flowers were just exquisite and stunning!". Having been in "the business" for 20+ years, I know how important it is to hear about it when you have done a wonderful job, SO, Thank you for your excellent service. I will highly recommend you! :o) Marilyn J Moore
Thank you for listening on how I wanted the flowers. You did a beautiful job. They were all perfect & the colors were exactly right. Fondly, Sheila Husar & Family
I've received the professional images (electronically) from my photographer. I got your card saying you'd appreciate pictures- what's the best way of sending these to you- can I email them in? Or direct you to a link on line? Please advise (my flowers were beautiful!!!). Martha m
Thank You very much. Carol was very happy. mary s
Thank you for the delivery…the recipient was very pleased! Would you please send a receipt (for my office records) by e-mail or regular mail? Thank you, Veronica Hart
The flowers were absolutely beautiful and perfect. Thank you for your help. Maura
Thanks so much – Dianne let us know she had received them when they were delivered and she said that they’re beautiful. Nicely done! Cheers, Doug
Dear Carl, Thanks so much for pursuing this. I was unaware that Jack had moved... I really appreciate your diligence. Sincere gratitude and best regards, Mary Jane
The flowers you delivered to my mom were so dainty and beautiful. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job. Annette C
I have been using City Line for over 20 years. I work in the medical field and understand the importance of good customer service. City Line not only KNOWS good customer service, they live it. I would never consider using another florist. I want to personally thank them for taking such good care of my family and friends for all of these years. Julie Karcsinski
Dear Carl and City Line employees that I had the pleasure of speaking to last week: THANK YOU so much for the wonderful red wagon/teddy bear/assorted goodies that you prepared and sent to our little granddaughter in Kingwood, Texas last week! It is all Adeline "chatters" about and she doesn't go anywhere without her new teddy bear under her arm. I will be sure to recommend your company to all of our friends and family in the New Orleans area. Your company was the only one that seemed to have items for a three year old child and it meant a lot to my husband and me to be able to send something quickly to our granddaughter until we could get there to see her ourselves. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful big smiles your delivery brought! Sherryl & Gene R
The flowers were absolutely beautiful! Thank you. L Chadwick
Dear Sue and staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement you sent my dear friend for her funeral. They were absolutely beautiful and just what I wanted. You made a hard day bearable, because you put a smile on my face, when I saw that beautiful arrangement. Thank you Sue, for taking the time to speak with me when I called to make the order for the flowers. It was a pleasure to do business with you and would recommend your services to everyone. Thank you again Jean C
Just a note to Thank You for the beautiful arrangement for my Grand-Daughter Vicky H. She was so excited & commented that even the doorman remarked how beautiful the arrangement was. It's a pleasure knowing you are a reliable business. Agnes K
It was an absolute delight speaking with y'all and I thank you for all your help. It is always a pleasure to work with you at City Line! Grace M
you guys do a terrific job by the way. years and years of bix. always beautiful and great service. i think i got my prom nosegay there 35 years ago.. :-) Joe D
Thanks again for following up on my order Carl. it's alway's a pleasure to do business with you. Ray M
Carl, Thank you so much for the personal call today regarding this order. It is not often these days that personal service is offered. You have and will always be my florist. Thanks again for taking such good care of me and my family. Julie K
Thanks so much. My mother is thrilled with the flowers you arranged. Bill P
Excellent! Thank you. Joyce W
Dear Carl - I must tell you how beautiful Alyi's bouquet was - Thank you for making our Christmas bright! Again, many thanks Kurt
Thank you so much for following up! she did receive them and said "they are REALLY pretty!"... many thanks. Diana S
I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely job you did on the arrangement. It was exactly what I asked for and I will not hesitate to use your business again if I have needs in your area. Sincerely, "Exceed Expectations - Every Customer - Every Time " Gloria J. S
To the Staff of City Line Florist: I just want to say "Thank You" and let you know how pleased I am with your work. You did a very beautiful floral arrangement for my brother's wake. I chose the cross and I was very happy with your results. Thank you so much for the great job done. Very truly yours, Nancy H
Thank you. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Judy L
Just wanted you to know that my mother loved the arrangement! CityLine always does great work! Happy Holidays, Lisa
thank you so much. My mother was thrilled with the flowers and said they are beautiful. Thanks again for the great service and pretty arrangement! Karen W
Thank you very much Happy Holidays to you Marge
Dear Mr. Roehrich, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to explain the online sale situation to me. I absolutely understand the whole process now. I've used your shop several times in the past and I'll be sure to remain a loyal patron. All the best to you and yours this holiday season! Sincerely, Liz Z
Thanks so much Sue, You touch so many lives and we appreciate your efforts. Have a most Merry Christmas Season. Joyce D
Thank you for the beautiful arrangement you delivered to Evelyn O. She is extremely pleased. Happy Thanksgiving. Annette C
Sue, I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful flowers you sent to the grand opening and benefit for Operation Hope. Your contribution certainly helped to make the event the success that it was. We were very excited to send off a nice contribution to Operation Hope and we look forward to continue working with them to help their organization meet it's objectives. I hope you had a good time too! Happy Thanksgiving! Kind Regards, Kathy
"Good Morning, I received 1 dozen red and white roses on Mon. 10/26/09 which was delivered to me at Peoples Bank on White PLains Road. Even as as today, these flowers are absolutely beautiful! The roses seem to get bigger every day and the compliments I have received are numerous. Thank you so much , I was very surprised by this delivery and by the beauty of these flowers! Aileen M
Carl, Thank you so much for your diligence in expediting the switch. I explained this to my mother, for whom I purchased the flower heart, and she was pleased with your response. I appreciate your dedication to customer satisfaction. Thank you, once again. Respectfully, Lindalee T
Thank you once again, Guys!!!!!!! Mama LOVES them. You are great! Happy Holidays from Colleen in California
Good morning City Line Florist, First I would like to say my roses that were delivered on Monday, October 19th were gorgeous! They were the talk of the office and made my 25th anniversary even more special. This morning I entered my lucky number on your website and won $20.00 off of Vazzy's in Bridgeport for lunch or dinner - how great is this!!! I wanted to share with you that my husband and I were treated to dinner on our anniversary at "V's" in Shelton which is Vazzy's restaurant also - What a great anniversary my husband Chris and I had and I want to thank you for the beautiful flowers and now another reason to eat out! Have a great day, Bev
I had my first experience w/City Line when I went to the Trumbull location to pick out a funeral arrangement. The baskets were beautiful but unfortunately, they were unable to deliver to the location in which I needed. City Line helped me pick out a very unique arrangement and was able to send it over to preferred florist that could deliver to the area in which I needed. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you!! Nicole D
Hi, I enjoy your service very much and I inadvertently deleted my email addres. Please continue to send coupons to XXX Thank you. Nicola K
It's just right -- thank you so much. And the flowers for the casket are perfect, so summery and uplifting. As are the other beautiful arrangements friends have ordered from you. Thank you very much, Connie C
Dear Friends at City Line Florist, The floral arrangement you designed for our nephew Alex Chase was indeed beautiful, and we thank you so very much for allowing us to express our sympathy in an especially lovely and meaningful way. You can be certain that when occasions call for flowers for the Chase family in the future, we will have your phone number at hand. Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and superb service. Sincerely, Deborah and Paul Lankford
To City Line Florist: I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement you did for our good friend Alex Chase. The flowers were beautiful and the arrangement was exactly as my daughter had wanted! Many thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Cheryl Blake
I saw the plant at the wake and it was perfect. Keep up the good work. I'll always call Cityline!!!! Dianne L
Thank you so much !!! MARYANN B
"The Peace Lily was beautiful. Thank you, Mandy Casey"
Thank You so-o-o much for the flowers last wk they were beyond wonderful!!! Di
Thank you for the confirmation. The person who took my order yesterday was very helpful and professional. I appreciate your assistance. m steven
thanks cityline you're the BEST!! linda m :)
Thank you! Liz & Craig
Thank you So Much Ginny D
Susan, Thank you so much in taking the time to assist me, you guys at City Line always go out of your way to assist me and the military members who are away from their loved ones. Thank you so much! ET2 Cedor USS CHAFEE
Hi! Just want to let you know the flowers were beautiful and they stood out like a bright light. Thank you for taking care of our order. Margaret Krieder
Hello, My name is Edward C and I have done buisiness with you in the past. I am unable to call at the moment b/c of a military deployment, you at City line always took care of my needs no matter what the occasion and also gave me a decent military discount. I think it was 15% or 20%. Thanks again!! Edward C
Just want you to know that the flowers were absolutely beautiful. . You outdid yourselves. Thank you very much. Luanne and Mike Spinelli Luanne and Mike Spinelli
They were EXCEPTIONAL, just what my mother would have wanted. Thank you so very much. Marita
Thank you so much Carl for taking our order so late in the day and delivering for Mother's Day today. Debbie B
The flowers were lovely, and the colors were just what I wanted. Thanks so much for a great job. Anne Marie P
"I mailed you an evaluation praising the beautiful and long-lasting roses delivered to me 3/11/2009, but noted that there were 11 roses instead of a dozen. I was flabbergasted and delighted when a lovely arrangement of 3 roses arrived today with a note of apology for the missing 12th rose. What outstanding customer service!! I will do business ONLY with City LIne Florist, and will spread the word of your outstanding customer service and high quality flowers. Thank you!" Marty R
Carl, Thank you very much for the roses. They arrived on Wednesday, and they were beautiful. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Nancy G
City Line: I just got off the phone with her confirming receipt as well. Thanks very much for the good service and the E mail confirmation. Regards, Bob M
Hello, The floral arrangement you sent was very beautiful. Thank you so much. Paula G
Our daughter was married on Saturday, and I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on all of the flowers. From the beginning of the process to the end when the flowers were delivered, I was impressed with your professionalism, the kindness, concern, and patience you showed us, and most importantly, the beauty of all the flowers. You helped to make an amazingly happy day perfect. Joe and Patricia Guarino
Our daughter's wedding was last weekend at St. Mark Church in Stratford and at the Inn at Longshore in Westport. We would like to thank City Line Florist and especially Leona for a wonderful job. Everything arrived in a timely fashion. From the beginning of this process, Leona was fantastic to work with and graciously accepted all our changes as the time got closer. Thank you again. Sincerely, Bill and Muriel
Thanks so much for everything! They really appreciated their arrangements! Wendy
Thank you for all the beautiful things you have sent for me. They say the basket was wonderful! Carol L
Carl, thanks for your attention on the order. Cheers, Rick
Dear Cityline Florist, Just want to thank you for taking care of my order - I heard it was lovely. Have a great week! Kathy B
The floral arrangement was/is BEAUTIFUL... Good job! Thanks, Mary Jane
Thank you so much for having the Mother's Day Contest. My mom is one of the winners and it will mean so much to her to read her name in the paper on Saturday. We are making it a surprise. This will make her 93rd year very special. Continued good luck to you in your wonderful business. I will be happy to send new customers to you. Fondly, Kathy Yacovelli and family
Good Morning, As one of the mother's day contest winners, I was honored to see my name in today's newspaper! How or when do I find out what I have won? Thank you so much for the honor! dawn
The flower arrangement was beautiful, thank you!! Kathleen
Recently ordered basket for a wake The family said the basket was 'gorgeous' and stayed fresh a VERY long time. Thank you SO much! When you order from far away as I have done, you never know what is really sent and how much value you have received for your money. I consistently get great feedback after sending items from your shop. Thanks again and I certainly will be a returning customer. Linda Vargo
Thanks for your quick delivery. Sharon absolutely loved the arrangement. More to come. Thanks, Marty Welter
Thank you City Line. The flower arrangement was fine. Appreciate the good service. Peter
Carl at Cityline Florist was the BEST! I was really nervous about ordering flowers, will this look ok, how about this, etc. He was amazing. I honestly can't wait to see how they turn out. He explained the flowers, the crush test (too much hugging) and if they will survive the heat of Labor Day weekend. His prices were excellent and I'm so happy to have gone with them. Thanks to the Kallmeyer's who referred me and to my Aunt Judy who also uses them. Melissa & Stash
Thank you for your professionalism........ You have never failed us in all the years we have ordered from you. Happy Easter, Veronica Royal
Dear Carl, Thank you so very much for "going the extra mile" to assure that our friends received their fruit basket. The confusion surrounding their hotel reservations was resolved late in the day, but you still made sure that the delivery was made. Your personal attention that has always been a significant part of your business is the reason we continue to use City Line as our primary florist. Again, my sincere thanks for your continued attention to detail- not to mention the magnificent floral arrangements! Joan P.
My Aunt Josephine loved the flowers I ordered from you. She said they were gorgeous. Thank you for doing such wonderful work. You are now my "go to" florist for friends and family in the Trumbull and Bridgeport areas. Deb C
I was the lucky winner of the monthly drawing. My roses in assorted colors arrived on Monday, February 11. I wanted you to know they were by far the most beautiful flowers I have ever received. Today is the 15th and they are still beautiful. Thank you ever so much. Jennie Frey
Thank you. That was very thoughtful of you and I do appreciate it. Pat Ross
Thank you for taking care of all my floral needs, especially the order you delivered for me today since I waited until the last minute to place the order. Thanks for your time and excellent work. When you were located on the bpt/ stratford line I remember being a little girl and visiting your florist with my parents. I like the personal customer service you gave to them and continue to give to me its a pleasure doing business with City Line Florist. Catherine D
Mom loved the flowers!! Thank you. Amy
Thank you SO much for most beautiful floral pieces you arranged for the funeral of my father-in-law. The family pieces were a magnificent display of color, variety and artisitic mastery! We so appreciate your expression of creativity, excellence and attention to detail. Thank you again for adding the beauty of life to the difficult day......for many, many people! Your work made a difference in our lives! With deep appreciation , The Kuehlewind family
This is the first time I used you to send flowers they were beautiful. Could not have been more happy. Thank You again!! Donna
Hi Carl, You are the best! Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangements :) Kindest Regards, Lisa G
Dear Carl, Thank you for your note in letting me know the issued has been resolved. I have been a customer for probably 20 years and have never had a problem. I appreciate your efforts in following up on this matter. Thank You Ingrid R
Recently my wife and I ordered flowers for a funeral. Unfortunately we were unable to attend but everyone made a point of telling us how beautiful the flowers you provided were. Buying something sight unseen is always risky but you exceeded our expectations. Special thanks especially to Susan who anticipated our needs brfore we knew we needed them. W Kearney
I did not see the arrangement myself but I did receive an absolutely fabulouse telephone call from the recipient. She could not believe how beautiful and large the arrangement was. I cannot believe that you were able to deliver it on the same day even with a hard to get flower in the arrangement. Thank you for giving my friend a special day. Judy D
"I received another lovely set of roses on my birthday in March. I just wanted to let you know they were beautiful, as always, and long lasting." Joanne P
We have been utilizing City Line for over a year. The flowers were fresh and perfect. Not once did we hear anyone complain of the delivery, my sister lives in Florida...she emails the picture to truly brings family closer. Thank you again for all you do for the Ahlberg Family The Ahlberg Family
I have recieved at least 4 deliveries in the last two weeks from you and as usual, everything is just beautiful. I just want to let you know just how much beautiful flowers and plant gardens brighten the days during recovery. Thanks to all of you. Kathy S
Carl, WOW, all I have to say is Thank you. I want to thank you for your services as well. I also want to say your site is one of the best. JANN on the USS Frank Cable
Thank you for the beautiful flowers that I sent on behalf of Basement Systems yesterday to William Lyhne in Miller-Spear funeral home. Leslie
To the flower arrangers of city line florist we have gotten a few flower arrangements and fruit basket this week due to my mom passing away. We have to say that we were very pleased with the flowers and their color pattern that was used. It brightened up our day even though it was very sad. Thank you for the time and efforts that made us smile for a moment in time this week. J Alvarez
Your quality flowers and baskets always make me so proud to have sent them--i can't thank you enough for being so wonderful! Thank you very much--and have a peace-filled, healthy, happy holiday & new year. Grace M -Bridgeport
Carl, I have been doing business with you for over 20 years and it has always been a pleasure. You never fail to come through and your timely reminders are so helpful. Thanks for a job well done. Linda S., Shelton
My husband received the flowers and said the basket was beautiful! Thanks for all the extra effort in filling this order. Your happy customer, Sherri M
I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely beautiful job with the flowers! Thanks again! Erica from Avon, Ct
Thanks so much for the lovely funeral basket. The arrangement was beautifully arranged. The flowers were not spread out to look as though there were gaps and we especially liked the roses Sally S
Thank you so much for all of your hard work -- the Comedy and Tragedy Design was AWESOME!! All of the theatre people loved it!! Thank You!! BK
Dear City Line, I am from England, and found your site by chance last year. I was trying to send flowers to my dear friend who had just lost her Mom, a wonderful lady who had been like a Mom to me too. I ordered a wildflower arrangement for the home and my friend said it was absolutely beautiful. I just sent another arrangement of spring daisies to her for the anniversary of Mom's passing, they too were lovely. At a time of great sadness they were much appreciated. From across the Atlantic, a heartfelt thank you to you all for your excellent service and beautiful flowers." Margo B from England
Thanks Carl for your most helpful and efficient handling of our order. We were diirected to you by NW and family of the recipients of our order Thanks again Julie H > California
"Yesterday the delivery was minutes after the order, made a very big wow at the William Raveis Headquarters. Thanks, Carl." Elizabeth R
"I was in to purchase 2 floral arrangements for a funeral for a family member recently. I was absolutey thrilled when I saw them at the funeral home. They were beautiful!! Just as I wanted them to look. I would like to thank Leona who dealt with me. She was very kind, understanding, knowledgable and was a pleasure to deal with. I now know which florist to call or visit immediately for any type of floral needs that I may have. THANK YOU LEONA!! -With Regards, Sallie
I want to thank you for the most exquisite floral arrangement you prepared for my Mother's funeral. It was the rose wreath and it was absolutely beautiful. I have ordered from you several times and have never been disappointed. I want to thank you for the obvious pride you take in your work. Thank you Carol H
Carl, Just a note to say many, many thanks for the exceptional promptness in the delivery of my floral arrangement for the memorial service for my dearest friend and my best man, the late Lewis N. Jones of Lubbock, TX. I ordered the flowers on Saturday at about 3:30 pm for Monday's service and they arived on Sunday and were on display at the 1 pm funeral service. The red ribbon that said My Best Man brought tears to the eyes of Lews children, both of whom I know quite well. They indicated that the red and white colors were just magnificent and that the arrangement couldn't have been more beautiful. I was thrilled since I couldn't get a plane into Lubbock for the service because of the thousands of students returning to town at the end of spring break and because of the tremendous forest fires in the Panhandle of Texas. Even one of Lew's grandaughters couldn't get in. Am told that the flowers will have a prominent place in this afternoon's memorial service and then at the reception. My thanks again for doing a wonderful job in going the extra mile. Thanks a heap. Bob H
"Dear Carl and Staff, I would like to thank you on the Funeral flowers that were made up for my mom. They were beautiful everyone commented on how lovely they were done up. My mom always enjoy the flower's from City Line I coud never THANK YOU for all the flowers that I had sent my mom though the years that always made her happy I want to thank you again for the help and quickness of you and you staff for making that possible for us" Rosemary A
I just wanted to tell you that my mom received a basket of sunshine on saturday--and it is absolutely beautiful. The original order was through flowers arrived in a box--dead, then they sent another...they were dead. I contacted the sender...and said use CityLine, and use their website...and the flowers showed up absolutely beautiful. Keep that sunshine in all of our lives...with your fresh blossoms! Thanks... Carol M
We just wanted to thank you for the Great service you have provided to us. The Gift was what we had ordered, shipped where we wanted, and when we wanted it. The whole experience was great , and would highly recommend you to my friends. Thank You Very Much Donna & Ken R
I had the unfortunate event of a death in the family and I live 800 miles away. I wanted to send something special. Many family members who live in Connecticut suggested that I call City Line Florist. I called and got the 24-hour representative department. Charlena pleasantly answered the phone and proceeded to accept my order and all it's little 'quirks', without batting an eye. She was extremely helpful and very pleasant. I will highly recommend City Line to anywho requiring these services. Thank you for making my experience during this sad time, pleasant and professional. LINDA Z
Dear Carl & staff, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all who did such a beautiful job on the rose arrangements send to our friends. A week later... they both said the roses looked wonderful still. What a job you guys did! We are both so happy that we kept our account open (after we moved out of state) at your store. Whenever something is needed, we are always so confident that every piece will be done to perfection! Again, thanks to all of you for a super job, we naturally will be doing business with yoy whenever needed Sonny & Patti from Va.
I' m pleased with your reminder service, you have renewed my faith in business people.... Good luck in your business, i really like your attitude. Lillian G
Just wanted to thank you for the very beautiful job you did on the lavender heart for my aunt, Ethel . I ordered the medium size and it was very large and just perfect as a tribute to her. It received many positive comments. Thank you again. I always know I can depend on the quality and value of your work. Jennie F
Just a note to say the flowers were beautiful. Through the years, we have never been disappointed with the quality of you work & the flowers. Gail & Bruce of Shelton
As always, you do a wonderful arrangement! Thank you Marlene from Bridgeport
Dear Bob, On behalf of the Town Of Trumbull and myself personally, I wish to take this opportunity to offer our communities congratulations to you on having been named the 2005 Connecticut Florist of the Year. Trumbull takes great pride with the accomplishments of our local businesses, and we join in honoring you as you are recognized for your distinguished work in the floral industry. You've always been # 1 in my book! Sincerely, Raymond G Baldwin Jr. First Selectman
I received a dozen roses last Friday, July 1, and they are still going strong! It is the only time I've ever received roses that were so healthy a week later and were obviously arranged and handled with so much care. I've seen gerbera daisies and other hollow-stemmed flowers reinforced with floral wire so they would stand up, but never roses. It makes them so much more dramatic. I don't know what your delivery area is, but I want to use you over and over! Heather M
Dear Cityline, I recently ordered flowers for my wife who works in Bridgeport. I've tried many Florists in the Bridgeport area, and I have never been as pleased as I was with the beautiful boquette that came from City Line. You have my business going forward! Thanks again! They were beautiful! Jim B
Greeting! Thank you very much for all your generous checks to our school. Please know how much we appreciate your kindness to us. (from one of our Community Giveback Members) Sister Anne Marie
Love your cards. Got them all. Thank you. and I would like to add that Cosette B. has 'adored' each and every bouquet. Thank you, Carl. John S Ocala, Fl
Carl and all my other friends - hope all of you are well, and that it's a beautiful spring in Connecticut. Thanks again, Carl, for the great job you did with the flowers to Judy on Long Island a few weeks back Robert V. Serving the USA in Iraq
Carl, The yellow roses you did for me were beautiful and fit for a Miss America. Thank you so much. I will definitely use you again. Picked up on Sat 4/23/05 for the Moose. Loyal Order of the Moose
My name is Brenton and I a marine serving in Iraq. The reason that I am writing this is because of the care package that I received from you. I would like to thank-you very much, it was an excellent care package, and I appreciate you generosity very much. Thanks again. Brenton L
Thanks, everyone, and goodnight from An Numaniyah, Iraq! - bob v
My beautiful red Valentine roses are still blooming! The flowers are still strong & the color is as bright as last week. Thanks again Joanne P Shelton
Thank you very much. We greatly appreciate the picture and the wonderful job you did on both flower arrangements. Mary B
My sister in law sent flowers to our parents using your florist. I was so pleased with the arrangement you sent. The flowers lasted almost 3 weeks. Unbelievable. Thanks for your great work. Thanks also for your support of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bridgeport Donna S
Carl, Thank you so much for the incredible service you gave us in tracking down the correct address for my sister-in-law who had just lost her husband. You truly went above and beyond the call of duty. My husband said he was so impressed that he is going to recommend your company to everyone he knows. I have had the experience of your wonderful service for many years. It is certainly a privilege to do business with you. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Again many thanks for your help. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Barbara & Jim S. Stratford, Ct
To Carl and the Roehrich Family (okay and Sean too). Thank you so much for everything! You've been so helpful with the boutonniere's and such a joy to work with. Have a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas! Summer S Sony Pictures Ca.
We would like to thank you on the Funeral flowers that were made up for George N. They were beautiful everyone commented on how lovely they were done up. My family and I want to thank you again for the help and quickness of you and you staff for making that possible for us. Maryann H
Dear City Line Florist Associates, Thank you once again for the beauty of your arrangements, the long-lasting freshness of the flowers, and the outstanding help & service you show all your customers. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Genevieve M
Thanks very much ... that's just one more reason I love you guys - always looking out for the customer! Have a great day! Julie
The Roses just arrived, and my wife loves them! Again thanks very much! lou from mesa az
The flowers were perfect for my Daughter's wedding. The bride cried at the reception when she saw how beautiful it was.. beyond her expectations! Linda B
Who is better than you guys! I really appreciate you getting me out of a jam the last minute! Bobby P Stratford, ct
Carl, I justed wanted to let you know the flowers for my daughter's wedding were perfect! Everyone asked me where they came from. Ann S. Shelton, Ct
Carl & City Line Staff, I just wanted to say thank you for all your time & effort you gave me for our wedding. I know from the second we met, you were the one to do my flowers. You were the only place that showed me real examples, not just pictures. I knew exactly what I was getting when I left our 1st meeting. Thank you for a beautiful job well done. We will recommend you with no hesitations! Thank you again. Erin & Shawn
Just a note to you from a satisfied customer. The roses & arrangements which you delivered to the wake were gorgeous. We were very happy with your floral arrangement and service Mary Jane E
... Once again City Line Florist made my gift OUTSTANDING! THANK YOU . Jeff
I ordered a centerpiece for our daughter’s sweet16 on July 22 and the arrangement was beautiful and the flowers lasted a long time. I just wanted to let you know that I will always use City Line Florist from now on you are our only florist. Thank You! Mrs. and Mrs. William Morales Bridgeport
Thank you......I understand the flowers were helped to make a very special birthday even more memorable. Janine D
To Whom it May Concern We recently received the most beautiful flora bouquet arrangements for Nurse's Week. The flower arrangements were disbursed to all the nursing units where they were enjoyed by all. Seeing the beautiful flowers that smelled so good made our work day go good. Thanks City Line florist!!! VA Nurses!!
You guys did an awesome job today!  The follow up by phone, delivery in the back under the porch, and the note on the mailbox were all very nice touches!!  My mom actually only had positive things to say, which is rarely ever the case.  I have you saved as my no 1 choice for flowers to my mom!  Thank you!   Ken W