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Posted by City Line Florist on October 19, 2019 | Last Updated: September 30, 2022 Fall Flowers flowers Plants

Design a Festive Front Porch for Fall

Now that fall is in the air, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors a little bit more. The cooler weather and crisp leaves on the trees are meant to be savored. Spending time on your front porch is a great way to do this, and who wouldn’t want to when your front porch looks amazing? For fall, the floral designers at City Line Florist have some excellent ideas about how you can decorate your front porch for fall. Dazzle your neighbors and inspire them to do the same. You’ll have a hard time coming inside once you’re finished.

What A Decorated Front Porch Means

Creative Curb Appeal

We find decorating for any holiday or season to be an important practice. It’s a great way to embrace the change that comes with a new season and it gives us a sense of anticipation for what comes next. Here are some other great reasons you should decorate your front porch for fall this year:

  • Inspire Neighbors. When they see something new, your neighbors are going to want to try the same. Sharing decorating tips and decor items will bring you and your neighbors together and create a beautiful block all the way around.
  • Welcome Guests. Your front porch is the entrance to your home. Make it inviting for guests, family and friends to enter your warm, comforting home by having some fun decor waiting for them when they arrive.
  • Add Curb Appeal. Even passersby will want to stop and take a look at your front porch when you’ve decorated for fall. Give your home a quick makeover with fun holiday or seasonal accents that everyone will love to see.
  • Welcome Holidays. In the fall season, decorating with pumpkins, gourds and bright oranges, greens and golds make us ready for the upcoming holiday season. There’s much to be celebrated in the fall and winter months. The appearance of fall decor reminds us that the holidays are right around the corner.

Include Creative Containers in Your Decorating Scheme

The containers you choose to decorate with will lend a fall flare to your entire front porch here are some fun options for your fall flowers and other items.

  • Crates: Wooden crates piled up with outward-facing openings will make excellent shelves and cubbies for your fall flowers, pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn.
  • Watering Can: Fill a watering can with fall flowers as a great way to give a rustic garden look to your fall front porch. Place a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a watering can like our Kalanchoe Watering Can for a fun fall display.
  • Pumpkins: Instead of carving faces in pumpkins, hollow them out and place beautiful bushels of lavender inside for contrasting color and lots of fresh foliage.
  • Baskets: Choose to display flowers in baskets, rather than ceramic or plastic containers, for a softer more natural fall look, like with our gorgeous Mum Plant. Add instant fall style with designs like this.

Include Touches of Creativity to Your Fall Porch

Fun Fall Fabrics

Choose a few unique ideas to include as you arrange your porch for fall. The accents you add will give your fall decor the style and personality you’re looking for. Try a few of these ideas or let them inspire you to try your own!

  • Ladder- Lean a ladder against the side of your house and use the rungs as shelves for displaying fun designs like our You Are My Sunshine arrangement. Add mini pumpkins and Indian corn husks to showcase these bright sunflowers even more.
  • Color patterns- Choose a similar color palette to decorate your entire front porch. For example, muted neutrals like beige, brown, cream, dusty blue, and mossy green will allow brighter colors from pumpkins and marigolds to pop.
  • Fabrics- Celebrate the fun fabrics available in fall and lay a plaid flannel or soft wool blanket over the back of a rocking chair or other seating area on your porch.
  • Rocking Chair- A well-placed rocking chair is always an inviting touch on any front porch. Add a few throw pillows, a pumpkin, scarecrow or a throw blanket to enhance the rocker’s look.

However you choose to decorate your porch, doing so will ensure a welcome to fall as you update the look of your home. You and those around you will be inspired to embrace everything fall has to offer. For more great ideas, talk to the City Line Florist professionals about how you can make the most of your front porch during the fall season.