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Posted by City Line Florist on September 8, 2019 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Fall Flowers flowers Plants

Fall In Love With The Benefits of Mums

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy fall blooms, and we’re finding that chrysanthemums are among the favorites of this season. Mums have so much going for them; it’s hard to resist decorating with them and sending them as gifts during the fall months. These flowers bloom in so many colors and varieties, there’s something for everyone. And did you know that chrysanthemums have healing properties that can address a number of ailments? The health benefits are just another reason we love mums. The floral designers at City Line Florist are happy to share our knowledge and love for these flowers with you here.

Pompon Chrysanthemums

Pompon Mums

Pompons are a fun variety of mums, offering a bright pop of color with a rounded, globe-like bloom that conceals the center of the chrysanthemum. Looking like small, colorful balls, they provide a fresh, inventive look to any floral design. The yellow poms in our Autumn Awakening Bouquet bring a festive, colorful brightness to this rustic fall look.

Thistle Chrysanthemum

Daisy & Thistle Mums

Daisy chrysanthemums are one of the most popular varieties of mums, and it’s easy to see why. These cheerful blooms, which look like their namesakes, daisies, feature a flat, round center disk in yellow, brown or green, surrounded by symmetrical petals in a variety of colors. Thistle mums, on the other hand, look like paintbrushes with thin, feathery petals that grow in every direction. The luxurious texture these beauties provide can be the difference between a nice bouquet and an elegant, sophisticated one like our Autumn Cornucopia Centerpiece.

Fuji Chrysanthemums

Fuji Mums

Spider mums, also known as fuji mums, are a fun variety of chrysanthemums that bring plenty of style and unusual shape to every bouquet they grace. With long, thin tubular petals that resemble a spider’s legs, these blooms give a lacy, elegant update to any design. The yellow fuji mums in our Golden Beauty Bouquet, along with yellow protea, provide a great contrast to the smoother blooms and foliage for a fresh, exotic look.

Health Benefits

As beautiful and varied as mums are, they also deliver some amazing health benefits. First, herbal tea can be made from the petals that, when used properly, can reduce many cold symptoms like headaches, fevers, sore throats, swollen eyes, and more! Chrysanthemum tea has even been known to reduce other ailments like vertigo, tinnitus, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Plus, these blooms have been proven by NASA to reduce indoor air pollution, removing toxins from the air and purifying it, letting you breathe easier. Add mums to your home’s decor for a fresh, healthy update to your fall season.

The beauty and benefits of chrysanthemums make them one of our favorite blooms during the autumn months. Add them to your home, send them as gifts, and keep them handy for relief of cold-weather symptoms. You’ll not only marvel at the beauty these lush flowers bring to your home or office, but the health benefits are a plus. Talk to the floral experts at City Line Florist for more great tips and advice about decorating with mums during the fall season.