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Posted by City Line Florist on April 6, 2017 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 Plants

Indoor Green Plants & Orchid Care

There are a lot of special occasions coming up – Easter is April 12th, and Administrative Professionals Week begins April 20th. May brings World Teachers’ Day and National Nurses’ Day, not to mention Mother’s Day. What do all these great observances have in common? They allow us to honor the very important and special people in our lives – and flowering plants, green plants, and orchids are all amazing gifts for these occasions!

Or perhaps you are just looking to fill your home or office with an organic, natural vibe. No matter your reason, plants are the perfect answer. At City Line Florist, we have the highest quality product – and are also committed to educating you on how to help your plants thrive. Have any questions bout indoor plant care, orchid care, or succulent care? Just stop into our Trumbull location.

Peace Lily Care

The peace lily is a favorite houseplant, loved for being easy to care for, yet lush and beautiful. They feature deep green leaves and familiar white blooms in the early summer. Your peace lily will flower throughout the year if you follow a few simple care rules.

  • Keep its soil lightly moist – but take care not to overwater and soak the soil.
  • In the winter months, add fertilizer every 6 weeks. Once spring arrives, repot in fresh soil.
  • The peace lily does not need bright light. In fact, indirect moderate light is optimal for this plant.
  • If you are not seeing your peace lily bloom adequately, move to a location with less light, not more.

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orchid care
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Orchid Care

Phalaenopsis orchids are graceful, butterfly-shaped flowering plants that will add grace and elegance to any home or office. To keep your flowers looking extraordinary, follow these easy orchid care tips:

  • Situate in a location which is moderately bright.
  • Watering is only required when the orchid begins to dry out, usually sometime within a week to 10 days.
  • Fertilize your phalaenopsis orchids with a product made especially for orchids. Be sure to repot with fresh soil and fertilizer when the blooming is finished.
  • The optimal daytime humidity for orchid plants is 50% to 70%. During dry seasons, humidity can be increased by placing plants in a shallow dish containing pebbles and water. Be sure to keep the water level below the tops of the pebbles.

The phalaenopsis orchid is relatively forgiving of improper care, but spotting on leaves or flowers may indicate a fatal problem. Immediately check to see if roots are too wet.

No matter the occasion, no matter your style – green and flowering plants are the perfect addition to any Trumbull home or office. Keep them happy and healthy with a few tips from the experts at City Line Florist. Call us today for the best in quality, service, and reputation!