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The Best Plants That Are Perfectly Safe For Pets

Two perfect ways to lift your mood while decreasing daily stress are by bringing home lush green plants and/or a new fluffy friend. Whether you hold the titles “pet parent,” “plant parent,” or “pet and plant parent,” it’s important to know which of your favorite plants are safe for your fur babies. As experts in the field, your friends here at City Line Florist, Trumbull’s favorite flower shop, are sharing a shortlist of some of the best green plants that create a mood-boosting, vibrant, and fresh environment that are also safe to have around dogs and/or cats.

Safe Plants for Pets

Spider Plant

With a fun nickname like “cat’s whiskers,” spider plants fit right into our list of pet-approved plants. Since their non-toxic grassy leaves grow to look like the large whiskers of a cat, few pets can resist the temptation to bat and bite them as they walk by. While generally safe for pets, some furry felines can experience an upset stomach if they snack on a spider plant. Luckily, these plants are perfect for hanging as their leaves create a whimsical look for your home and can be hung out of reach for our four-legged friends.

Ponytail Palm

If your furry friend enjoys playing with your ponytail just as much as their own toys, you will want to display this curly-leafed palm on a high shelf or in a tall pot. This air purifying green is often referred to as an “elephant foot tree” or “bottle palm,” as its bulb-like trunk is an eye-catching feature. Ensure your ponytail palm receives an abundance of bright light and little water so its draping leaves continue to thrive and flourish.

Boston Fern

While we highly recommend you do not bring home a Boston Fern with the intent of gifting it to Fido as a new toy, you can have peace of mind even as your playful pup or curious cat sneaks a few nibbles. Even though the foliage of a Boston Fern is harmless to pets, these greens do best as hanging plants where they can act as natural humidifiers. Be careful not to let these plants dry out, as they need humidity and indirect light to live a successful life.

Polka Dot Plant

A native plant to Madagascar, polka dot plants are a genius way to liven up and add a splash of color to your concrete jungle. You might be able to spot brilliant hues of green, red, white, and pink on their leaves, depending on their type. Since these plants can thrive almost anywhere, they tend to be low maintenance and perfect for displaying on tabletops or shelves. True for many green plants, you can expect your four-legged companion to experience a mild upset stomach if they consume a substantial amount of a polka dot plant.

African Violet

A list of pet-friendly plants would be incomplete without mentioning the bright and colorful African Violet. These houseplants are non-poisonous to most animals and even consumed in certain cultures. Their soft, velvety leaves paired with pink, lavender, blue, red, or white flowers create a lively way to add color and texture to your home decor. To keep these blooms flourishing all year round, position them away from direct sunlight and out of reach from curious fur babies.

Signs of Poisoning in Pets

If your dog or cats accidentally ingests a toxic plant, they may start to show signs of poisoning including drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, bleeding gums, dehydration, and lethargy. If this is the case, immediately reach out to a trusted veterinarian, animal hospital, or poison control. Finally, keep your pets safe by reviewing a full list of plants to keep away from pets on the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website.