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Orthodox Cross in white pompom mums accented with red carnations and baby's breath.

In a profound fusion of tradition and floristry, an Orthodox cross crafted with white pompom mums, red carnations, and delicate sprigs of baby's breath stands as a symbol of faith, remembrance, and reverence. The choice of flowers in this emblematic arrangement not only captures the spiritual essence but also narrates a story of life, sacrifice, and eternity.

The white pompom mums, with their multitude of petite petals, form the core of the cross. Chosen for their purity and innocence, they symbolize eternal life and resurrection, resonating deeply with the tenets of the Orthodox faith. Their dense, round blooms offer a comforting touch, evoking memories of serenity and hope. Contrasting the white mums, the deep red carnations bring depth and emotion to the arrangement. Often seen as symbols of love, admiration, and remembrance, the red carnations imbue the cross with passion and devotion, reminiscent of the sacrifices and boundless love at the heart of Orthodox beliefs.

Delicately interwoven amidst these blooms is the baby's breath, representing the Holy Spirit. Its wispy, ethereal presence adds a touch of grace, signifying the ever-present divine guidance and protection.

Together, these flowers craft an Orthodox cross that is more than just an arrangement; it's a spiritual testament, a tangible expression of devotion, and a beacon of hope in times of both joy and sorrow.

app 36"

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