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This Open Heart is designed in yellow, pink, and whites.

The open heart wreath, designed in a harmonious blend of yellow, pink, and white flowers, is a symbol of love and remembrance that conveys heartfelt condolences during times of loss. While it may be smaller than a traditional heart shape due to the costlier frame, its unique design holds a special significance. The use of yellow flowers represents friendship and positivity, pink signifies compassion and admiration, and white symbolizes purity and peace. Together, these colors come together to create a gentle and comforting tribute.

The open-heart design not only allows for a more delicate and intricate arrangement but also carries a profound message of an open heart filled with love and memories. Its distinctive shape symbolizes the open and welcoming nature of the departed, inviting cherished memories to be treasured forever. Though it may be a smaller option due to the cost of the frame, its emotional impact is grand, serving as a reminder that love and remembrance need not be extravagant to be deeply meaningful. This open-heart wreath is a touching expression of sympathy and support, offering comfort to those who are grieving and honoring the memory of a loved one in a truly heartfelt way.

An Open Heart is more expensive and smaller than a regular heart shape as the frame is expensive. 

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