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Pick your price and we will select for you a lush green plant that is the best value currently in our greenhouse.

Letting the florist choose the brightest plant in the greenhouse to send to your loved ones is a wonderful and trustful way to surprise and delight them. Florists are not just experts in arranging flowers; they also have a keen eye for selecting the freshest and most vibrant plants. When you give them the creative freedom to pick the brightest gem from their greenhouse, you're essentially allowing them to work their magic and curate a gift that will truly shine.

This gesture is a testament to your confidence in the florist's expertise, and it often leads to a unique and captivating arrangement. Whether it's a lush green plant with vibrant foliage or a blooming botanical wonder, the chosen plant will undoubtedly be a radiant symbol of your affection and thoughtfulness.

The surprise factor adds an element of excitement for both you and your loved ones. When the recipient receives a plant handpicked by a skilled florist, it's like receiving a burst of natural beauty and positive energy. It shows that you value their happiness and appreciate the artistry of floristry. Whether it's for a special occasion or just to brighten someone's day, entrusting the florist to select the brightest plant is a heartwarming and delightful way to express your love and appreciation.

If a flower becomes unavailable:: we will substitute with same color flower of equal or greater value

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