Dish Garden With Fresh Flowers

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Adding fresh-cut fragrant lilies to a dish garden is the perfect combination with an elegant finish. The dish garden arrives in a lovely ceramic container. 

Creating dish gardens with fresh flowers is a delightful art form, and the addition of fragrant lilies elevates it to a whole new level of elegance and sensory pleasure. Fresh-cut lilies are known for their intoxicating fragrance and breathtaking beauty. They bring a touch of opulence and sophistication to any arrangement. Incorporating fragrant lilies into a dish garden not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also fills the space with its alluring scent. The juxtaposition of lilies alongside other green and flowering plants in the garden creates a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and fragrances.

The choice of a ceramic container adds a timeless charm to the presentation. Ceramic containers are not only sturdy and durable but also serve as a beautiful canvas that complements the beauty of the plants and flowers. They provide a lovely, long-lasting home for this enchanting garden.

If a flower becomes unavailable:: we will substitute with same color flower of equal or greater value

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