Artisan Chocolates

quality handmade, hand-painted and hand packed artisan chocolate.

Fritz Knipschildt’s early passion and innovative ideas to creatively infuse elements from the savory kitchen into the world of chocolate and confection have been highly awarded at numerous national and international food competitions through the last decade and is frequently showcased on national TV stations like The Food Network and CNBC as well as in major publications like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Oprah Magazine

Favorites in House of Knipschildt/Chocopologie

Artisan Chocolates from City Line Florist—now, that's a treat that can bring a touch of luxury to any bouquet or floral arrangement. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf chocolates we're talking about here. Each piece is a little work of art, crafted with care and attention to detail that you can taste in every bite. Imagine the surprise and delight of receiving a beautiful floral arrangement and finding a box of these gourmet chocolates nestled among the blooms. Talk about elevating the whole gifting experience!

What's cool is how well artisan chocolates pair with different types of flowers. Consider the nuanced flavors in these chocolates: the rich darks, the creamy milks, maybe even some infused with floral notes like lavender or rose. Then, think about the bouquet you're sending—perhaps a mix of vibrant tulips or classic roses. The combination creates a multi-sensory experience that's way more memorable than flowers or chocolates alone.

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