Caring for Bird's Nest Ferns

A potted fern sits, happily, on an outdoor table

Taking Care of Your Bird's Nest Fern

If you're looking to add some lush, tropical greenery to your home, then pick up a wonderful Bird's Nest Fern. So-named because new, tightly curled leaves that emerge from the rosette-shaped base resemble bird's eggs. These new leaves eventually unfurl into bright green oblong leaves with cool wavy edges. Bird's Nest Ferns love humidity and warmth, which make them great for the bathroom, as long as there is a good light source.

Medium to bright, indirect light

Ensure your Bird's Nest Fern is not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time as its leaves could burn. If the crinkly, wavy leaves are becoming flat, then the fern is not getting enough light.

Water regularly to maintain consistently moist but not wet soil

Stick a finger into the soil about 1.5 inches down. If soil is dry, water until it is evenly moist, not soggy. Water along the edges of the pot instead of directly into the center to prevent root rot.

Bring some green into your home now!

Follow these guidelines and watch your plants thrive and become cherished living decor in your home. Their vibrant color, freshness, and vitality provide daily health and well-being benefits that will make you feel like you are living in a garden paradise.