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City Line Florist’s Guide to Orchids

Orchids hold a high place in the world of flowering plants due to their exotic, unique beauty and intriguing history. Once highly coveted during the Victorian era due to their rarity and high cost of acquisition, orchids are still highly prized and valued today. Their structural elegance and symmetry of their blossoms are why they are associated with perfection, luxury, love, and beauty. Here at City Line Florist, Trumbull’s top flower shop, we love the wide array of vibrant and soft color patterns, shapes, and sizes of orchid blossoms. They are also quite durable which makes them excellent gifts for any person and any occasion. To discover more about the awe-inspiring orchid, check out our orchid-related blogs below.

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Indoor Green Plants & Orchid Care

There are a lot of special occasions coming up – Easter is April 12th, and Administrative Professionals Week begins April 20th. May brings World Teachers’ Day and National Nurses’ Day, not to mention Mother’s Day.

Discover the Striking Beauty of These Blue Florals

Blue flowers are not seen too often, but when spotted, they really stand out. From light blue to vibrant mid-range blue and to deep ocean blue, it’s a color that has as many meanings and associations as color variation – which is why they are so remarkable.

The Luckiest Plants and Flowers to Start the New Year off Right

If you’re looking to add a little greenery to your home for all the benefits plants provide such as cleaning the air, lifting your There’s no harm in trying to boost your fortune and luck for the new year, so pick up a lucky plant, or two, to not only freshen up your space but to attract wealth, luck, and positivity too!

Signs Your Plant Is Not Getting Enough Light

Plants are amazing to have around the house – personally, we’d put one in every room, nook, and cranny. However, as appealing as that would look, it may not be the best spot for a plant that needs plenty of light, and, really, most plants do need lots and lots of light.

Create a Relaxing Tropical Oasis in Your Backyard

Why spend money on flying to a tropical paradise for a vacation when all you have to do is step outside into your yard and be in one? With a couple of easy ideas and a little investment, you enjoy the relaxing and stress-relieving benefits of a solitude oasis in your own backyard.

Give Him Flowers for a Valentine’s Gift!

Romance is in the air in Trumbull, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re still wondering what to get your husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, look no further than your local flower shop, City Line Florist.

Flowers That Reveal As Much As They Conceal

Have you ever received a gift or flowers from a secret admirer? The swell of emotions that someone out there is thinking of you can only be overshadowed by the mystery of who might have sent it. If you’ve ever been the sender, you have probably even felt the flutter of nerves, wondering if your secret crush has any idea their gift is from you.

Where To Put Those Fresh New Flowers

City Line Florist knows that when we send you home with some beautiful flowers—or deliver them to someone else on your behalf—you’re faced with a major dilemma… Where to put them?

Floral Gifts for Housewarming Parties

Housewarming parties traditionally are held when someone moves into a new home. Gifts which may be useful or decorative are given to help them to fill their home with items they need.

Beautiful Floral Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

There really is no one word that can describe a Mom. In fact, we need quite a few words to effectively reflect how awesome she is – comforter, protector, cheerleader, supporter, listener, advisor, counselor – and even all of these do not do her justice.