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Late Spring Flowers – Peonies, Ranaculus, Lilac & Sunflowers

April showers bring May flowers, they say - and late spring flowers are indeed beautiful! As we make our way through this season, there are numerous florals that the designers here at City Line Florist favor. Which of these seasonal flowers is your favorite?  Read More about Late Spring Flowers – Peonies, Ranaculus, Lilac & Sunflowers »
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City Line Florist’s Mother’s Day Stories

Mother's Day is a special day at City Line Florist - not only do we love to help you to honor your mom, but we have some pretty spectacular moms in the City Line family as well! This Mother's Day, we would like to share a little bit about our team, as well as some personal memories of our Moms that we hold dear. Because Mother's Day is not just a holiday, it is an opportunity to recognize these extraordinary women who are so important to us. When it comes to creating the floral designs that celebrate your mom, whether in Trumbull or across the country, you can trust the professionals - because we give our moms flowers too!  Read More about City Line Florist’s Mother’s Day Stories »
Posted by City Line Florist on May 4, 2017 Mother's Day

Beautiful Floral Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

There really is no one word that can describe a Mom. In fact, we need quite a few words to effectively reflect how awesome she is - comforter, protector, cheerleader, supporter, listener, advisor, counselor - and even all of these do not do her justice. Our Moms are our best friends, our partners-in-crime. And although there are millions of mothers across the United States, there is no one mother more special than yours. City Line Florist is excited to help you celebrate this amazing woman on May 14, Mother's Day. Mothers of All Kinds: City Line Florist would like to recognize and applaud those who may not be a biological mom but who have stepped forward to fill this very important role. If you are a stepmom, a foster mom, a grandmother, or a family friend who has taken on the responsibility of motherhood - we honor you! You are amazing!  Read More about Beautiful Floral Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day »
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Wearable Flowers – Boutonnieres and Corsages

There are many traditions for senior proms - from the hottest fashions in gowns to renting a limousine with your friends - memories are made on this very special night. Wearable flowers are also an indispensable part of this event - it is hard to imagine a prom without corsages and boutonnieres. Whether traditional or trendy, City Line Florist is the place to call in Trumbull and Fairfield for the most beautiful flowers! Other Spring Events: From spring dances to graduation ceremonies to Mother's Day, there are many opportunities to add glitz and glamor with gorgeous corsages, boutonnieres, nosegay bouquets, or hairpieces. Read More about Wearable Flowers – Boutonnieres and Corsages »
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Time To Appreciate Nurses & Teachers

May offers us the chance to show gratitude to teachers and honor nurses. Why are these two groups of people so worthy of our thanks? Because both are dedicated to positively impacting the world - they invest their talents, spend their time and show genuine concern to everyone they come in contact with. This is why City Line Florist is privileged to assist as you celebrate these special people on their special days - May 9th is National Teachers Day, and May 6 is National Nurses Day. By the Numbers? There are approximately 3.1 million nurses in the United States - and incredibly, almost exactly the same number of teachers. But we think that none are quite so awesome as our local Trumbull and Fairfield area professionals! Read More about Time To Appreciate Nurses & Teachers »
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Indoor Green Plants & Orchid Care

There are a lot of special occasions coming up - Easter is April 16th, and Administrative Professionals Week begins April 23rd. May brings World Teachers' Day and National Nurses' Day, not to mention Mother's Day. What do all these great observances have in common? They allow us to honor the very important and special people in our lives - and flowering plants, green plants, and orchids are all amazing gifts for these occasions! Or perhaps you are just looking to fill your home or office with an organic, natural vibe. No matter your reason, plants are the perfect answer. At City Line Florist, we have the highest quality product - and are also committed to educating you on how to help your plants thrive. Have any questions bout indoor plant care, orchid care, or succulent care? Just stop into our Trumbull location.  Read More about Indoor Green Plants & Orchid Care »
Posted by City Line Florist on April 6, 2017 | Last Updated: April 8, 2017 Plants

Honoring Secretaries and Administrative Professionals

In the early 1950's, the United States economy was recovering from World War II, and companies were growing rapidly. There was a shortage of secretaries, and so a nationwide initiative was implemented to encourage women to join the workforce in that capacity. Part of the movement was to reward the workers once a year, and Secretaries Day was born. Today we call them Administrative Professionals, and although the career field is female dominated - only about 5% are male - the opposite was true when the day was established. What hasn't changed is how indispensable they are - from managing appointments to answering the phones with finesse, from making sure the paperwork gets filed to calming down a feisty customer, our admin pros are valued members of our team. This month, we have the chance to tell them so. City Line Florist has a collection of floral designs, desktop plants, and succulents that will beautifully convey your gratitude.  Read More about Honoring Secretaries and Administrative Professionals »
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Easter Flowers, Dish Gardens & Centerpieces

Everyone has their own way to celebrate Easter. For some, watching the kids hunting for colored eggs is the highlight of the day, while for others a family meal is the high point. Some get up early for a sunrise service, while others sleep in late and eat chocolate. No matter how you celebrate this special day, the chances are excellent that flowers are involved in some way. After all, Easter is all about new life, renewal, and rebirth - and what better ambassadors for that message, than beautiful spring flowers? City Line Florist has a full Easter collection that features the Easter flowers, seasonal dish gardens, gorgeous centerpieces and whimsical gifts that will make the day extra special!  Read More about Easter Flowers, Dish Gardens & Centerpieces »
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Daisy Bouquets for April Birthdays

Did you know that the daisy is related to the artichoke? In fact, this humble flower has a lot of interesting secrets, even though it is known as one of the most innocent blooms. The iconic yellow and white daisy is legendary for determining true love - "he loves me, he loves me not" - and is used globally for medicinal purposes. Not only that, but daisies are the official birth flower of April, and daisy bouquets are a perfect way to celebrate! To brighten your home with all the carefree beauty of this popular spring flower, simply call City Line Florist.  Read More about Daisy Bouquets for April Birthdays »
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Recognizing Those Who Rescue Puppies

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? These animals are adorable, playful, and loyal - and bring so much love to every family lucky enough to adopt them. Sadly, puppies born in the United States will encounter difficult circumstances throughout their lives. Because of serious overpopulation, only 10% of newborn puppies will experience a permanent loving home. National Puppy Day is a grassroots effort with several purposes - to tackle the issues of irresponsible breeding, to reduce overcrowding in shelters, and to encourage adoption from local rescue organizations. The people advocating on behalf of the puppies and older dogs in the shelter are passionate about their role. If you are an animal lover who wants to recognize the unsung heroes working to help vulnerable animals every day, we recommend a beautiful floral arrangement from City Line Florist to brighten their facility. Read More about Recognizing Those Who Rescue Puppies »
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