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Fall Favorites 🍂

Get out your cozy sweaters and pick up a pumpkin beer or pumpkin-spiced coffee because it’s fall y’all! That’s right! Fall is the time of perfect warm days with a cool breeze and chilly nights perfect for cozying up to a fire. Bobbing for apples, corn mazes, hayrides, and all the pleasures of Harvest festivals are available for our enjoyment. Here at City Line Florist, we love designing dazzling arrangements with the rich and vibrant flowers full of interesting textures Mother Nature gives us this time of year, like beautiful dahlias, striking celosia, colorful mums, and more! Enjoy even more of the fall spirit by reading our fall-themed blogs featured below. You will discover an abundance of fall decorating ideas, trends, gifts, flowers, and more. Enjoy!

Design a Festive Front Porch for Fall

Now that fall is in the air, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors a little bit more. The cooler weather and crisp leaves on the trees are meant to be savored. Spending time on your front porch is a great way to do this, and who wouldn’t want to when your front porch looks amazing?

Fall in Love with the Benefits of Mums

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy fall blooms, and we’re finding that chrysanthemums are among the favorites of this season. Mums have so much going for them; it’s hard to resist decorating with them and sending them as gifts during the fall months.

Share the Beauty of Fall Favorites

For many of us, fall means pumpkin lattes, leaves changing color, and a cooler nip in the air. For the floral designers at City Line Florist, fall is a time to break out our gorgeous collection of fall favorites.

How to Entertain with Roses This Fall (In Your Cocktails, Too!)

If you’re looking for a fun new entertaining idea for fall, look no further, City Line Florist‘s got you. While it’s one thing to spice up your tablescape with a new, harvest-hued piece, we can go one better: serve up some edible flowers alongside those vased blooms!

Divine Dahlias for Fall

When you think of traditional Autumn florals, a few names probably come to mind. Sunflowers, check. Mums got ’em in spades. Rich red roses, yup. Arrangements are filled with these lovely standbys and accented by curly willow, wheat stalks, and cattails.

Autumn Centerpieces in Fall Colors

There is nothing quite like fall in New England. The crisp air, the harvest festivals, the pumpkin picking – and of course, the colorful fall foliage which is the envy of those all across the country. Fall colors are also evident in the seasonal flowers, which add warmth and hospitality to any space.

Bring the Perfect Gift to Thanksgiving This Year

November’s the time of year to count your blessings and be thankful for all your loved ones. At City Line Florist, serving Trumbull, we have been busy putting together an exhaustive list of fun ideas of what to bring to Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year!

Get into the Halloween Spirit with Scary Flowers and Spooky Gifts

At City Line Florist, our favorite way to celebrate Halloween and get into the spirit of the season is by designing festive floral arrangements to spread Halloween cheer all around Trumbull.

Autumn Plants and Flowers

Now that the holidays are upon us, time to begin thinking about decorating your home for the holidays. While beautiful ornaments, candles, and other decor are always a welcome sight, think about including fresh greenery in your living room or family room this season.

It Takes a Village And We’re Thankful to Ours

From growers and farmers who provide our flowers to designers and sales staff who create your perfect designs, plus our capable delivery drivers who deliver the finished product directly to your door, it takes a village to create beautiful displays for your every occasion. We are so thankful for our village.

Gather Your Friends Around This Table of Flowers

Often when we think of Thanksgiving, we think about tradition. Cultural traditions, family traditions, and culinary traditions take over before our imaginations have a chance to participate.

Decorate Your Table for the Season

Fall has arrived and that means plenty of opportunities to celebrate this gorgeous season. The design experts at City Line Florist are ready with tips to help you create tablescapes perfect for autumn that you and your guests will enjoy all season.

The Floral Textures of Autumn

As you begin to decorate for fall this season, let the floral artisans at City Line Florist help you bring out your sense of style and creativity with these artful tips to show off the essence of autumn.

The Most Bootiful Bouquet for Halloween

While your office may not be the place to hang spider webs and skeletons this Halloween, you can still dress up your desk with more sophisticated decor that still exudes the spirit of the season.

Dress Up Your Space with Jewel-Toned Florals

As fall approaches, we can finally inject a little drama into our decor. One of the best ways to do that is to turn to the jewel-tone palette, a seasonal favorite.

Fun Halloween Decor & Floral Designs

So much screams fun about Halloween, from the candy and the costumes to the fake graveyards and fog machines. There are parties, movies, and music to enjoy and corn mazes and haunted houses to explore.

Celebrate with Festive Centerpieces

Our favorite part of Thanksgiving is easy to identify – gathering around the holiday table with our family and friends, indulging in delicious family recipes, and telling stories of years gone by.

Fun and Festive Halloween Designs

From the time we are children, the whimsy of Halloween costumes, parades, and candy is irresistibly magical. Although we cannot remain children forever, we can remain young at heart and continue to celebrate in new ways.

Autumn Floral Design for your Home

We can admit it, there is simply no better place to be in the fall than in New England. From the farmer’s markets and harvest festivals to the apple picking and wine tasting – there is so much to do!

History of the Cornucopia

We will celebrate Thanksgiving Day on November 26, 2015. Of the many iconic symbols associated with this holiday, only one has its roots in ancient history dating back to the 5th century B.C.

The Centerpiece of a Perfect Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s almost that time of the year once again to reflect on the things for which we are thankful as we share the beginning of the holiday season with family, friends, and loved ones.

“Pumpkin Spice” Up Your Autumn

It all started with a simple beverage. Starbucks opened the floodgates in 2003 when they introduced their infamous pumpkin spice latte, now autumn will never be the same again.

Matching Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Tablescapes

Perhaps you plan to bring out the family China, those heirloom linens, and your finest flatware for your holiday gathering this year. Now you may find yourself wondering how to match your Thanksgiving centerpiece with your planned tablescape.

Why Send Flowers on Halloween?

Halloween, All Hallowmas, or All-Hallows (both from Middle English,) is believed to have originated in the Celtic festival tradition of Samhain. The festival celebrated the end of the fall harvest, but the superstitious Gaels, as they were called, also lit bonfires, wore costumes and masks.