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Travel The Great USA Without Leaving Your Couch

One of the most popular things to do in the summertime is to pack up the kids and take off to explore our great country. Whether you're visiting D.C., Philadelphia, New York or the Grand Canyon, these are the vacation trips that won't easily be forgotten, carrying with them the culture and character of each destination, as well as each one's rich history and varied landscape. Here at City Line Florist, we love to point out what flowers can do for the homes they find themselves in and the people who inhabit them. One of those things is that they can evoke the feeling of a place through the use of blooms specific to that region, as well as colors and textures inspired by its landscape. Read More about Travel The Great USA Without Leaving Your Couch »
Posted by City Line Florist on July 2, 2018 flowers Summer

Flowers As Dazzling As Fireworks

Who says your 4th of July flowers have to be red, white and blue? Certainly not us here at City Line Florist. Don't get us wrong, the classic American color scheme expresses pride, a sense of tradition and a whole lot of dignity. It references our flag, of course, and these are the colors we have long identified as reflecting our spunky, independent spirit and our rich history. But with plenty of patriotic decor options out there, we've likely got our national spirit covered. There's room for a floral design that takes a different approach. Read More about Flowers As Dazzling As Fireworks »
Posted by City Line Florist on June 24, 2018 flowers July 4th

Entertain Some Sunflowers While You’re At It

If you're planning a sweet summer soiree this June, you've come to the right place. City Line Florist is here to remind you that this is the season in which we see so many flowers hit their peak, making for a bevy of exciting floral options for your table. And while your focus may be on the food, you'll want to give a little thought as to what you'll contribute to the table beyond your feast. Picture it: A heaping salad in a generously-sized wooden bowl. A platter of salmon or an array of Spanish-inspired tapas down the center of the table. A pitcher of sangria or bottles of rose on the buffet, and a luscious dessert waiting in the wings. If you've gone to all the trouble to create a beautiful meal, you'll want to provide the flowers to match. Read More about Entertain Some Sunflowers While You’re At It »
Posted by City Line Florist on June 18, 2018 flowers Summer Sunflowers

Express Your Love In Roses

Rich, red roses---they're not just for Valentine's Day. Anniversaries are the perfect time to offer a riot of ruby roses to your sweetheart. June was made for flowers and flower-giving: the sun is shining, the sky is blue, gardens are bursting with color, texture and fragrance. The whole natural world seems to come alive at the dawn of summer, a moment where all seems fresh and vibrant. The flowers you offer in tribute to your enduring marriage should capture that spirit. Let us at City Line Florist help. Read More about Express Your Love In Roses »
Posted by City Line Florist on June 11, 2018 Roses Wedding

A wise Gift For Dad

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by the little scraps of wisdom.” -Umberto Eco The wisdom our fathers impart to us throughout our lives becomes a valuable part of who we are. As such, we should celebrate the men in our lives that fill this role. This year, Father’s Day is June 17th and the artistic designers at City Line Florist are ready with a variety of gifts and greenery to celebrate dads. Whether you’re planning to send a traditional arrangement, a fun gift basket full of goodies or a custom design that’s as unique as your dad, we have everything you need and we’re ready to help you choose the perfect way to say “Happy Father’s Day.” Read More about A wise Gift For Dad »
Posted by City Line Florist on June 4, 2018 Father's Day Holidays

Bring A Smile To Your Bestie’s Face

When you think of your best friend, how quickly does a smile cross your face? As soon as you think of the last time you saw her? When that inside joke crosses your mind that only the two of you think is hilarious? Undoubtedly, she smiles whenever she thinks about you, too, which is why she’s your bestie. This year on June 8, Best Friend’s Day, show her how much she means to you by lavishing her with praise and gifts… and of course, flowers! The experts at City Line Florist have some great ideas inspired by beautiful friendships just like yours. Read More about Bring A Smile To Your Bestie’s Face »
Posted by City Line Florist on May 28, 2018 flowers

The Bright Flowers Just On The Horizon

When you think about summer, do you think about bright colors, fresh scents and vibrant energy? So do we, and at City Line Florist, we are rolling out our summer flowers in beautiful shades that represent all things summer. From brilliant yellows and oranges to sweet-smelling aromas and blooms that steal the show, our summer arrangements will bring sunny warmth and color to everything you do this season. Keep watching our new arrivals for summer-inspired pieces, coming soon! We look forward to offering a wide variety of summer styles and combinations. Read More about The Bright Flowers Just On The Horizon »
Posted by City Line Florist on May 21, 2018 flowers Summer

Make Your Memorial Day A Floral Event

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and that means summer is almost here! Marking the advent of the warmest season of the year, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to all things sunny, bright and fun. This weekend you can find parades, cookouts, picnics, get togethers with family and friends, and all the fun in the sun you could ask for. At City Line Florist, we’re anticipating this holiday with bright colorful blooms and cheerful arrangements that go with any three-day weekend. What’s on your Memorial Day agenda? Read More about Make Your Memorial Day A Floral Event »
Posted by City Line Florist on May 14, 2018 flowers Memorial DAy

Meet One Of Our Moms

In honor of Mother's Day, City Line Florist asked one of our resident moms to share her experience as both a parent and a flower expert. And yes, she tells us what every mom wants for Mother's Day. Name: Candace Mavaro Kids first names & ages: Gregory, 30, and Jessica,25 How did you get into floral work? Throughout high school, I was in a voag program at Ledyard High School. I took a 3-week course in floral design and fell in love with it. Then I went to Boston to Rittner School of Floral Design and took a 6-month course in 1981. The rest is history. Read More about Meet One Of Our Moms »
Posted by City Line Florist on May 7, 2018 | Last Updated: March 10, 2020 flowers Mother's Day